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Must-Have Features of a Meditation App

Must-Have Features of a Meditation App We reside in a fast-changing and dynamic world that has its fair share of blessings and curses. Such is the pace of modern life that the lines between our personal and professional lives are blurred, continually adding to our stress. And just when we thought that our lives couldn’t get any more stressful and confusing, COVID-19 comes marching in! At the end of our busy days, most of us are left with a pertinent question – “How can I keep my mental stability intact in such uncertain times?” The answer is meditation. Granted that meditation is not the answer to our worldly problems, but it surely helps to calm our mind and body. Since we live in a time where we’re continually working as social and professional beings, it is more important than ever to take care of our mental health. This is why more and more people worldwide are seeking refuge in meditation… Read More »Must-Have Features of a Meditation App

Fashion App Development Company

Fashion App Development Company Envision this month is useful for material deal… tragically, Covid-19 quits everything thought by everybody except really not. Pondering!!! Innovations assume an extraordinary job here. We as a whole realize this is the greatest month to buy popular wear since the design business gives a ton of arrangements and limits during this season. Without a doubt covid-19 quits everything and we need to remain at home just to dodge the spreading of the pandemic sickness. In any case, with regards to a business point of view, this pandemic prompts an incredible misfortune. Each conventional shop needs to close their store to keep up social separating and to stop the spread of sickness. Yet, that is the main thing where the business person gains cash. However, everything blurs during this period. Particularly design stores confronting a misfortune since individuals get on edge to go to the shop and buy garments. This is the most significant and high… Read More »Fashion App Development Company


WHY GROCERY STORES ARE HARNESSING DIGITAL IDENTITY? Mobile apps have revolutionized nearly every industry, letting customers get inclined towards digital and gain benefits. And here grocery retailers are no exception when it comes to adopting mobile technologies to modernize their industry. With apps, grocery stores can seize the digital shift to keep their grocery store on the top of the customer’s mind and experience remarkable growth. There are multiple benefits related to digital identity, which are not limited to unique mobile experiences only, but apps provide convenience, grow brand awareness, and build customer loyalty for your grocery business. Let’s unearth the benefits that traditional bricks-and-mortar grocery business will reap with a mobile app, and create an awe-inspiring digital identity. Keeping up with the competition A mobile app can help to keep up with competitors? Businesses who are able to embrace the changing world and make the digital platform an integral part of their business model, are going to scale. And… Read More »WHY GROCERY STORES ARE HARNESSING DIGITAL IDENTITY?

How to use Machine Learning Technology in Mobile Apps?

How to use Machine Learning Technology in Mobile Apps? In recent times Machine learning continues to transform a growing array of sectors as a subfield of artificial intelligence. Machine learning (ML) helps consumers to gain insights such as spotting credit-card fraud, improving development procedures, anticipating the behaviour of their clients and personal preferences of Web-users using algorithms which are continuously learned from results. This begs the issue of whether machines can learn from previous interactions automatically. Machine Learning Technology predictions can guide intelligent action without human intervention because of their high accuracy. The development of machine learning apps makes a mobile app smarter. It also means that tasks without a special schedule are completed. Using machine learning technology in mobile apps  In comparison, the emergence of machine learning is responsible for changing the model of software growth. Application developers that have written such algorithms will never be clear on the intended use and results if the value of the data is not obvious.… Read More »How to use Machine Learning Technology in Mobile Apps?

Benefits Of IOS Mobile Application Development For Your Business

Benefits Of IOS Mobile Application Development For Your Business Benefits Of IOS Mobile Application Development For Your Business In today’s competitive business world, every business is seeking for the best way to build the strategies to promote the products and services. Of course, advertising is the right choice and can be done in many ways. To convert audience into valuable customers, you need to stay in connection with the audience as possible. Mobile Applications are the latest craze and help you to collaborate with your targeted audience on regular basis. People nowadays want to use the iOS platform due to its security statement and advanced technology. Application Development helps you to design the desired mobile apps for your business!! Enhanced security! One of the main advantages of designing IOS Mobile application developmentis that high-end security it offers. That is why; more and more businesses are switching over to iOS platform to secure the sensitive data. IOS mobile apps offer enhanced security against… Read More »Benefits Of IOS Mobile Application Development For Your Business


RETAIN YOUR CUSTOMERS THROUGH A MOBILE APPLICATION In 2014 Brazilians bought 104 smartphones per minute. From January to December 54.5 million handsets were sold, representing a 55% growth compared to 2013. The information is from IDC, which also points to a rapid growth in sales of tablets: more than 2.3 million units only in the last half of 2015.In this trend, sales of personal computers the (PCs) fell 26% compared to 2013. This shows how much consumers are more likely to experience for mobile communication, especially via the Internet.Have you ever thought about how your business can benefit from this market movement? The provision of a mobile application for customers can improve customer service, the customer experience and increase interactivity with the brand. With the effective use of mobile applications, you can retain your customers. But how? Here are the four ways explained! 1 – Improve The Brand Experience The apps are the most modern tools for communication of a… Read More »RETAIN YOUR CUSTOMERS THROUGH A MOBILE APPLICATION

Chatbots Are Altering UX/UI

Chatbots Are Altering UX/UI Mobile apps have been ruling the world for many years. Their army is so numerous, that you barely find the one you actually need. Still, the power of mobile applications remains very strong and it secures them to be significant players in the IT market. But here comes another troop that is going to show its powerfulness – the chatbots. They are so trustworthy, that you can chat or talk to them as to a close friend. Are you ready to have a personal conversation with a machine? “Over time bots should be usable in the offline world”, – Ted Livingston, Kik’s CEO. he main difference between a chatbot and a mobile app is its oversimplified user interface. And this is the reason, why the bots are most likely to replace the applications in the nearest future. Let’s make a short excursion to the history of user interfaces. There are three main points of the evolution process. The… Read More »Chatbots Are Altering UX/UI

How much does it cost to develop a social media app like LinkedIn?

How much does it cost to develop a social media app like LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a social media app developed especially for job seekers and professional business members. The purpose of this platform is to enable registered users to build and participate in the networks of people they recognize and advance professional with knowledge and source. In the LinkedIn app, it contains the features to create a user profile, which used to display the skills, employment history, and qualification details, that it helps to build the professional network in the community interface. LinkedIn currently holds over 300 million users from more than 200 countries, serving more than 100 industries. As per Reid Hoffman, 35% of LinkedIn members are recruiters. The LinkedIn mobile app become famous for professionals, job seekers and students share knowledge base content on the platform and it is also one of the job portal social media app contains companies and job seekers in one platform. So How… Read More »How much does it cost to develop a social media app like LinkedIn?


HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO MAINTAIN AN APP? The costs incurred during the design, development and launch of your app are not the only expenses you need to plan for when it comes to long-term viability in the App Store. The reality is, there are certain costs associated with just maintaining the day-to-day status-quo of your future app. While this can vary widely based on necessitated industry technology and functionality, general app maintenance can include the cost of servers, sending push notifications, and payment gateways. The Rule of Thumb: Budget 20% of Development Costs for App Maintenance This might seem pretty steep, but it may also be all the more reason to limit available features in your app right out of the gate. Less features = less expenditure towards development and annual app maintenance. That’s pretty straightforward, in and of itself. But turns out, this actually makes good “user sense” as well. Recent estimates suggest the average user never uses about half of an app’s… Read More »HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO MAINTAIN AN APP?

How Much Does it Cost to Make an App like Netflix?

How Much Does it Cost to Make an App like Netflix? Knowing the influence of the internet in our lives today, it will be difficult to imagine our lives without it. There are a plethora of internet-based services that have revolutionized the world such as emails, blogs, social media and so many of them. The day we are today, would have not been the same, if these services were not available. It reminds us of one such portal that has been entertaining us for many years. Netflix, which every individual loves to watch and enjoy. Not a lot of you know about it, Netflix came up in the world even before Google. Yes, it is hard to believe but Netflix was founded in 1997 whereas Google was in 1998. Initially, it was providing DVDs through the traditional pay-per-rental model but soon after, in 1999, they launched the distribution of TV programs and movies. By the time they have established as… Read More »How Much Does it Cost to Make an App like Netflix?