In 2014 Brazilians bought 104 smartphones per minute. From January to December 54.5 million handsets were sold, representing a 55% growth compared to 2013. The information is from IDC, which also points to a rapid growth in sales of tablets: more than 2.3 million units only in the last half of 2015.
In this trend, sales of personal computers the (PCs) fell 26% compared to 2013. This shows how much consumers are more likely to experience for mobile communication, especially via the Internet.
Have you ever thought about how your business can benefit from this market movement? The provision of a mobile application for customers can improve customer service, the customer experience and increase interactivity with the brand. With the effective use of mobile applications, you can retain your customers. But how? Here are the four ways explained!

1 – Improve The Brand Experience

The apps are the most modern tools for communication of a brand today. With them, the consumer can make your purchases directly from your smartphone or tablet via a user-friendly navigation with easy navigation and in an interactive way.

The benefits come from innovative image to the possibility of improving interactivity with the consumer. With this you can collect information about your preferences. Also, you can offer educational content and entertainment in the business world of business.

2 – Consumer Behavior Analysis

An app is one more tool that can demonstrate the consumer behavior to the business manager. For instance, with an app, you can trace the entire path traversed by the user within the virtual store, and understand the way he navigates and the products for which he was most interested.

With this understanding, it is much easier to create targeted offerings, make better-targeted marketing actions and reach the target audience in a more assertive way.

3 – To Be Present At Any Time And Place

More than having a good website and a virtual store, an app takes your brand to where your customer or potential customer is – in the palm. This is a competitive advantage, especially when we remember that the product we need in only a click away.

4 – Creating Loyalty Programs

The old loyalty card is now virtual and nothing is better than offering it in the form of an application for the client operating system (Android, iOS, or web interface). For customers who download the app, you can create exclusive offers such as shopping on scores or offer special awards.

What differentiates an application of a conventional loyalty card is the ability to collect and analyze data. After that, transforming them into useful information for your business strategy.

The world is becoming, increasingly, Mobile First. It means that mobile technology is starring in the development and preferences of people watching public behavior. The public now wants to be able to access information, interact with brands and buy the product in an easy way and at any time.

Offering applications that provide this interaction is more than being aligned with the movement of the market. It is to show the customer that you are up to date and want to offer the best service. If you want consultancy for your mobile app!

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