Facebook Has Launched Another Teen Focused App, This Time to Make Memes

Facebook Has Launched Another Teen Focused App, This Time to Make Memes For pretty much its entire history, Facebook has been afraid of losing touch with the kids. Well, maybe not since its inception, as it came to prominence by superseding former youth champ MySpace. But likely because of how it overtook MySpace as the cool place to be, Facebook knows that it too can be trumped by the next big app, if such an option manages to gain significant traction among younger users. And that’s a fate that Facebook is desperate to avoid. Enter Facebook’s latest attempt to stay cool with younger folk  These screenshots are from a new app called Whale, which is now available to Canadian users via a company called NPE Team LLC. NPE – which stands for ‘New Product Experimentation’ – is actually part of Facebook’s experimental app division, which is headed by former Vine GM Jason Toff. Whale is the latest app from NPE,… Read More »Facebook Has Launched Another Teen Focused App, This Time to Make Memes

What to keep in mind while designing progressive web apps?

What to keep in mind while designing progressive web apps? Introduction A Progressive Web App is a web app that makes use of modern web capabilities to provide an app-like (native app) experience to the users. The Progressive web application development offers user experiences that are far superior to the experiences offered by traditional web apps. These applications don’t require users to perform an app store hunt, downloading or even installing. Having only URL as the access point, users love progressive web apps. By choosing to develop Progressive Web Apps, developers let go off the need for creating different versions of the same app for multiple platforms. This reduces the cost and development time considerably. We at Appmomos , have been in the mobile app development industry for years now. We acknowledge the proficiency that progressive web apps bring to the business and have developed subtle insights over time while working on them. Since we have established that Progressive web… Read More »What to keep in mind while designing progressive web apps?

React Native Mobile App Development Editors

React Native Mobile App Development Editors Editors for React Native Mobile App Development Facebook uses React Native for their app development. Pinterest and Skype leverage it for enhancing their app features. Indeed, Tesla, Walmart, and Uber do likewise. What do these sounds like? Is React Native turning out to be everyone’s cup of tea? The answer is simply a Yes! A mass heap of designers leans towards React Native over other app development platforms, soaring its demand in the market. React Native been this popular, we will acquaint you with its top integrated development environment through this blog. Best React Native Code Editors • ATOM Atom is one of the prevalent React Native Code editors. The application is backed by a strong solid network which is having access to a wide scope of resources. As a free and open-source code editor for Windows, Mac and Linux OS, Atom gives the engineers a chance to fabricate high end React Native applications.… Read More »React Native Mobile App Development Editors

Tips For Enhancing The Process Of Enterprise Mobile App Development

Tips For Enhancing The Process Of Enterprise Mobile App Development Most players in the corporate world today understand that to grow in this ever-evolving industry, they need to adopt the new technologies and innovations that come their way. Enterprise mobile application is one such tool available to them. While the entire game of mobile enterprise applications is working towards our advantage, there is always potential that goes untapped. Mobile application development companies have the expertise that can help you work well with your enterprise mobile app development, but in most cases, your understanding of the concept is crucial too. To that effect, we bring you top nine tips to ensure that when you undertake enterprise mobile app development, you can use them for enhancing the results to your benefit: 1. Understand the Requirement of the Customers As is with most technologies, there is a specific framework set in the mind of developers. Since this framework has been tried and tested… Read More »Tips For Enhancing The Process Of Enterprise Mobile App Development


10 Mobile App Onboarding Best Practices For Businesses In 2020 Beyond just developing an exceptional mobile app for your business, you need to make sure that it reaches the target audience and makes the right impact. This is where on boarding comes in. Essentially, on boarding refers to the identity of your mobile app, the process whereby it reaches the prospective users and makes an impression on them so that they get on board. The key objective of on boarding is to assist them to navigate through the app and explore all the features it offers. You can imagine as a tutorial or walk through that guides the users about what the app actually does. Primarily, mobile app developers would define it as a set of screens which take the users through the interface of the app, from start to end. These screens serve the following purposes: Ensure a positive user experience as it makes them comfortable with the usage… Read More »10-mobile-app-onboarding-best-practices-for-businesses-in-2020

LinkedIn Tips to Help Boost Engagement

Whether you’re looking to grow your business profile or expand your personal network, LinkedIn is a great platform to use. When used well, LinkedIn can help you raise brand awareness and boost traffic to your business. But, unfortunately, most people are using LinkedIn wrong. Simply copy and pasting your latest blog posts for promotion is not the way to generate engagement, leads, or sales. In this post, I’ll outline 20 tips that the experts are using to boost LinkedIn engagement – but before that, let’s look at why LinkedIn can be such a powerful platform for your business. Why LinkedIn Engagement is Valuable LinkedIn is the most popular professional social networking site out there, which means if you have a B2B business, or cater to other professionals in a specific industry, it could be the ideal platform for growing your business. In the past, LinkedIn was often discounted as a worthwhile platform due to a lack of active users –… Read More »LinkedIn Tips to Help Boost Engagement

How Android And iOS Have Learnt From Each Other Over The Years

How Android And iOS Have Learnt From Each Other Over The Years ​ It was a breakthrough in technology when the iPhone first launched in 2007. Mobile phones turned into personal, easy-to-carry computers and we’ve come a long way since then. Along with the iPhone came the proprietary OS powering it’s system – iOS. Not long after, Google launched Android in 2008 and today, iOS and Android are the two (and pretty much only) operating systems and options for mobile app development at present. In the early years, between 2008 to 2013, iOS was regarded as a mature operating system and development platform, while Android was considered “bug-ridden” and “unreliable”; however, Android was open-sourced and this allowed for a large developer community to grow within it’s ecosystem, and ideas came fast. No wonder, more and more businesses wanted to hire Android developer to create apps based on this platform. Most features debuted first on Android – but worked great only… Read More »How Android And iOS Have Learnt From Each Other Over The Years

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