Why clothing & accessories stores need to have both Android & iOS app?

Why clothing & accessories stores need to have both Android & iOS app?

Do you have a fashion & apparel store in the middle of the city? Or you deal in selling fashion accessories for all types of people.

You all need to have a large customer base with increasing sales, and maximum profit.
But physical clothing & accessories stores might not see the desired success but with the availability of eCommerce websites.

You ought to admit the fierce competition brought in by fashion websites selling major parts of products online to customers.

Therefore, it’s time for you to embrace current market requirement for clothing & accessories stores to have own mobile application.

Check out these facts to have a clear idea about importance of fashion mobile apps

  • Millions of shoppers to prefer to shop for fashion stuff and accessories using a mobile app
  • Around 37% of all clothes & accessories sold via smartphone app
  • Mobile app shopping grows to 6% every year
  • 25% of people shop for fashion products every month using the mobile app
  • The online business of clothes & accessories stores rose to 78.8% by  developing competitive applications

The above-mentioned facts are on the basis of current usage of mobile applications by digital customers that keep on rising.
It is mandatory for you to embrace mobile app technology to increase sales of products in retail business.

You need to have both Android & iOS mobile applications

Unlike a trend for online shoppers to lay hands on suitable fashion products via mobile apps.
It’s important for online retailers to have an application in order to gain momentum at the marketplace.
Having either an Android application or iOS app, should not be the point of discussion. In fact, you need to have applications for both platforms in order to reach customers widely.

There is around 86% of Android users available to shop online that surely increase your business profit.
On other side, iOS app users spend more than 40% than Android users on applications giving further opportunity to grow. Mainly comprising of high-income groups users, iOS further make way for enhancing your brand’s global identity.

In short, Android apps and iOS ones are both beneficial for online clothing & accessories stores to reach customers in every direction.

Total cost of mobile app development service for Android & iOS apps
The online retail business of clothing & accessories stores need to have their mobile presence to maximize business profit.
You should not lose any sales opportunity and have online presence on both Android and iOS apps.
In order to develop the same, rely on support of experienced mobile app developers of Appkineticsllc. This company offers robust and profit-driven mobile application development services since 2000.
The cost of developing mobile apps for clothing & accessories stores is pretty nominal with success guarantee. Different mobile app developer’s hiring plan on fixed cost, monthly, and hourly basis makes way for ideal investment.

Completely rely on Appkineticsllc for giving a profitable shape to clothing & accessories stores at a low-cost.

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