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Essential Tips For Mobile App Animation

Essential Tips For Mobile App Animation Portable application enlivens inside the application configuration don’t possibly make up the stylistic layout however is exceptionally powerful with regards to directing the convenience and attractive quality of the application. This offers application planners from the top portable application advancement organization in USA, an incredible open door with regards to communicating the innovation of the brand to its buyers and furthermore so increment ease of use close by client collaboration, sparing screen space and offering clear input to the clients. However, activitys for portable applications cost all the more stacking time and can comprise interruptions if not utilized properly. In this article, we will separate the hows and whats of versatile application liveliness which likewise incorporates the significance of activity for portable application improvement organization inside an application plan and the numerous sorts of movement that can be utilized in any territory. This likewise remembers a significance for the best movement instruments for portable… Read More »Essential Tips For Mobile App Animation


RETAIN YOUR CUSTOMERS THROUGH A MOBILE APPLICATION In 2014 Brazilians bought 104 smartphones per minute. From January to December 54.5 million handsets were sold, representing a 55% growth compared to 2013. The information is from IDC, which also points to a rapid growth in sales of tablets: more than 2.3 million units only in the last half of 2015.In this trend, sales of personal computers the (PCs) fell 26% compared to 2013. This shows how much consumers are more likely to experience for mobile communication, especially via the Internet.Have you ever thought about how your business can benefit from this market movement? The provision of a mobile application for customers can improve customer service, the customer experience and increase interactivity with the brand. With the effective use of mobile applications, you can retain your customers. But how? Here are the four ways explained! 1 – Improve The Brand Experience The apps are the most modern tools for communication of a… Read More »RETAIN YOUR CUSTOMERS THROUGH A MOBILE APPLICATION

Best Augmented Reality furniture apps

14 best Augmented Reality furniture apps Do you remember the time, when you were buying a chair, a lamp, a carpet, or anything else? Remember how excited you were about the fortunate purchase, rushing home… and find out that an item did not fit the room? Argh. And there were only two further options: either return the goods and go back to the start, or leave and live with it. Fortunately, with new tech advances and stuff like Augmented Reality these times are gone. Selecting colors for the interior, creating a drawing or a model of a room, staging it with the furniture – all of this is possible thanks to AR furniture apps. 14 best AR furniture apps to check And here we’ve prepared the list of best Augmented Reality furniture apps and AR design apps, all of which are worth trying out. Enjoy.  1. Houzz As one the best app for designing, building, re-modelling and decorating, Houzz immediately… Read More »Best Augmented Reality furniture apps


HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO MAINTAIN AN APP? The costs incurred during the design, development and launch of your app are not the only expenses you need to plan for when it comes to long-term viability in the App Store. The reality is, there are certain costs associated with just maintaining the day-to-day status-quo of your future app. While this can vary widely based on necessitated industry technology and functionality, general app maintenance can include the cost of servers, sending push notifications, and payment gateways. The Rule of Thumb: Budget 20% of Development Costs for App Maintenance This might seem pretty steep, but it may also be all the more reason to limit available features in your app right out of the gate. Less features = less expenditure towards development and annual app maintenance. That’s pretty straightforward, in and of itself. But turns out, this actually makes good “user sense” as well. Recent estimates suggest the average user never uses about half of an app’s… Read More »HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO MAINTAIN AN APP?

How Much Does it Cost to Make an App like Netflix?

How Much Does it Cost to Make an App like Netflix? Knowing the influence of the internet in our lives today, it will be difficult to imagine our lives without it. There are a plethora of internet-based services that have revolutionized the world such as emails, blogs, social media and so many of them. The day we are today, would have not been the same, if these services were not available. It reminds us of one such portal that has been entertaining us for many years. Netflix, which every individual loves to watch and enjoy. Not a lot of you know about it, Netflix came up in the world even before Google. Yes, it is hard to believe but Netflix was founded in 1997 whereas Google was in 1998. Initially, it was providing DVDs through the traditional pay-per-rental model but soon after, in 1999, they launched the distribution of TV programs and movies. By the time they have established as… Read More »How Much Does it Cost to Make an App like Netflix?

How To Create An App Like TikTok: Features, Estimation, Tech Stack

How To Create An App Like TikTok: Features, Estimation, Tech Stack TikTok is a big sensation among the audiences at present. Millions of people around the globe use this platform to watch videos and spending hours on the platform. The popularity of the app has urged many companies to create a TikTok like-app. Today, we will discuss how to create an app like TikTok, the features, factors, and cost in creating the app. Let’s dig in the details on how to rock the app. How Does TikTok Work? TikTok is one of the biggest music and video-sharing apps that allow users to create and share their videos on different platforms. The platform allows you to showcase your acting and creating skills. Once the user signs-up on the application, they can create the videos and add soundtracks of your choice. Just like Instagram and Facebook, the app allows you to follow, like, and comment on the videos. Check out some interesting facts about… Read More »How To Create An App Like TikTok: Features, Estimation, Tech Stack