6 Ways to Improve eCommerce User Experience

6 Ways to Improve eCommerce User Experience As a matter of fact web based business is a tremendous thing when a client searches for a thing in internet business. It’s much the same as shopping in a physical store. They have their own psyche whether they choose to purchase or just came here to break down your item. You need to transform them to buy. To get this going, follow the beneath step. Your landing page has that power, it ought to be a lot of alluring and easy to understand. Your internet business store has an ideal classification posting and your item walkway permits them to walk further. Your item depiction ought to have point by point data about the thing. Your site UI is the significant thing that can represent the moment of truth your business. Build up your intelligent online business webpage and application with the best web based business application advancement organization. Here are the 6… Read More »6 Ways to Improve eCommerce User Experience

Role of eCommerce During Covid-19

Role of eCommerce During Covid-19 Causing massive devastation to the human lives globally, the COVID-19 pandemic has not spared the business world either. With lockdown imposed around the world and people maintaining a social distance and trying to avoid human interactions in fear of contracting the deadly coronavirus, the business world has been affected badly. Brick and mortar stores like small grocery shops, restaurants and theatres have been closed. However, online stores are in demand. There has been a surge in the usage of eCommerce stores during these harsh times. With the local stores being closed or running out of the basic necessities like sanitizers, people are looking into eCommerce stores as a beacon of hope. Adding to it, the fact that people are avoiding public gatherings and human interaction, the scope of shopping from an eCommerce store is on the high. There has been a spike in the user activity of these online stores, encouraging store owners to take forward their application… Read More »Role of eCommerce During Covid-19

Magento vs Salesforce Commerce – Comparison Between the eCommerce Platforms

Magento vs Salesforce Commerce – Comparison Between the eCommerce Platforms Both Magento and Salesforce Commerce are widely popular in the online retail and software development industry alike. While we cannot rank one platform superior to another in a Magento vs Salesforce blog, we can definitely discuss their features in detail. Once you know the features and specialties, it becomes much easier to pick the solution that best suits your requirements. Magento vs Salesforce Commerce: An Overview Magento is a PHP-based, open-source eCommerce platform. With the launch of its latest version, Magento 2, the platform has improved immensely in terms of scalability and robustness. With Magento 2 development, online retailers get an array of features like storefront management, merchandizing, superior content management functionality. Before digging deeper into the features of Magento, let’s have look at key selling points of Magento 2. Magento 2 has in-built multi-store capabilities that are very useful for B2B commerce and international transactions. It’s a highly scalable eCommerce… Read More »Magento vs Salesforce Commerce – Comparison Between the eCommerce Platforms