Stock Trading App Development Company

Stock Trading App Development Company

Stock Trading App Development Company – Appkineticsllc offers stock trading software, stock exchange website and mobile application with exceptional features. We are providing high-grade stock trading solutions to startups & businesses to transform their business profitable via our robust stock exchange solutions.

With the advent of new technologies, trading system has experienced a colossal diversity. Arrival of Stock trading app takes the online stock trading system one step forward and hauled the trading business to reach its peak.

As there is an app for everything today, stock trading app won’t be a surprise for you. Stock trading app concept is the most trending one in the mobile app industry currently. Well these applications make ease of selling & buying investments without stockbrokers.

What is Stock Trading App?

Stock trading apps are the mobile applications, that offers trading of stocks and Exchange Trading Funds at free of cost with real-time data. In addition, these stock trading applications appears significant for both the experienced and novice.

Why Stock Trading App Development?

Generally applications made their presence to compose our day to day life better. As a wonder, without opposing this modern day trend, business people make use of this technological advancements to enrich their business efficiency. Almost every one succeeds in their attempt.

By building a stock trading app, you can have your entire stock exchange business under control at all time. Moreover, it allows both the traders and investors to perform all sorts of transactions in the stock market where ever and when ever they want. These excellence motivates the people step into the stock market

Stock trading apps appears apt for people who are in search of attractive companies for investment and also for short period deal. Even though there are various options, choosing the mobile trading platform is because these stock trading apps shines best even for beginners who are interested stock investment and trading.

The Key Features of Stock Market Application

If you are the one planning to build your own stock trading app, then here are some of the following features you need to consider before getting an application in hands. So, it is better to seek a premium company for mobile app development like MacAnrdo to acquire all the functionalities in a best way.

Authenticated Login

The process of check-in to the application must be easy and understanding one to get into the apps by the users. In a different ways, you can register to the application involves various options like Mail ID, phone number, social mediums and also touch ID system with biometrics etc.

Accessible User Page

The users need to have the option for editing and updating the profile. This helps to acquire all the option that holds the user’s personal data and preferences they are interested to trade upon. This should be focused more while building a trading software or application.

Transactions Management

It also need to record and monitor all the transactions history so that users can handle their own payments and view order executions in a very secured way without any hassles. All the transactions of depositing and withdrawing of the currencies are to be notified with desired requirements.

Maintenance of Trade on Stocks

The main thing in accessing the stock trading app is to contain the feature that the user can get to know all their stock exchange functionalities of dispatching orders and their funds dealing with the exchanges.

Commerce of Stocks

The app should define the way in encouraging the users to get participate actively in buying and selling of the stocks like bonds, commodities and other assets in a highly secured and efficient manner.

Stocks Hunting

Every application founds to be beneficial having an option of “searching” or “hunting” the investors and traders in a stock trading application that helps to search for the available stocks and trending stock market rate.  

Push Notifications

As a very important one in stock trading app development, getting an update to the stocks that are in live and active to move called “Push notifications” help to reach out the stocks at a right time by predicting the market that avoids loss to the traders. 

Market Trends & Analysis

The stock market participants can collect the information that is analyzed based on their statistics in the stock market. This happens by acquiring an opportunity with acknowledgment of their trades, transactions etc.

History of Holdings

As the stock market is sensitive in both the global and local level, it should be get updated to the traders as well as investors with the management of history serving the action plan and the events, news imported all over the globe. Obviously, it should follow the KYC regulations that ensures the software or application’s safety.  

Sorting & Filtering

The authenticate traders can analyze the stocks by using the sorting option that filter the required details from the ledger prescribing the trade record effectively. This help the users to navigate through the stock market in a user-friendly format.

Top 5 Successful Stock Trading Apps:

Once, selling and buying in stock market was done via phone calls, through which you confess your stockbroker who would charge you to carry out your decision. But today, with the advent of stock trading apps, it has become possible to perform your stock trades through your favourite stock trading app. Here is the list of top 5 stock trading apps which succeeds in the attempt to revolutionize the stock market within our hands.


Today Robinhood is one of the most successful and best stock trading apps in the market. The most attractive fact about Robinhood is, the application offers free stock trades. It almost help its users to search, manage and track their stocks.

One more major reason for the Robinhood’s mighty success is that they initially launch their mobile app before their official website. It is a known fact that mobile apps are the best ever tool to reach wide audience in this mobile era. The free version of Robinhood app provides access to stocks, ETF’s and Bitcoin. By providing exceptional features in its free app, Robinhood has climbed a unattainable place in the stock trading market.


E-TRADE is the stock exchange mobile app for Windows phone through which users can acquire real-time streaming updates about stock exchange market, manage your stock market accounts, perform stock trades, and much more using your Windows device. Being a monarch in online mobile trading, E-trade stills remains one among the list of top stock trading apps by its unique features.


Stash is one of the leading stock trading app which highly make benefits for the newbies who are interested in stock exchange investment. Generally Stash aid the users to invest in little amount and enlighten them about the entire stock trading world. Moreover, this Stash app come upon with bunch of tips and articles in order to stimulate the user’s investment journey smoother.

TD Ameritrade:

Well TD Ameritrade is one of the largest brokerage platform which makes the overall people to experience the outclass stock trading via its feature rich application. This TD Ameritrade has several versions of app varied by its level of specification, so that the user can select the app depend upon his needs and desire. TD Ameritrade mobile app is available for the android and iOS platform. This app shines supreme for advanced & regular users since it offers several informative charts and scrutiny that helps the users in the trade investment.


Acorns is another stock trading app which suits for people who have interest in stock investment without any idea where and how to invest. Once after the user connects debit or credit card with acorns account, this app will round each and every purchase and save the changes next to the dollar in the acorns account. Moreover, user can also manually do the process in this app.

Bottom Line:

Well building stock trading app will come up with a series of challenges in both technical and marketing phase. This is because, stock investment apps are very modernized in these days. In order to overcome this and to shine best globally in stock market trading, join your hands with top stock trading app development company. 

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