Reasons to Invest in an E-learning Platform

Reasons to Invest in an E-learning Platform

Education and learning are two never-ending processes. Whether it’s present or future, people are never going to stop learning. The only thing that will change is the mode of learning. If we travel a decade back, the only mode gaining education was books. Now today we have got the easiest and most convenient way of gaining knowledge – ‘E-learning’. All thanks to the advanced technology! As they say, there are two aspects of every coin; there are people who believe that e-learning is the future of education, but at the same time, there are also business owners of different educational institutions who are not sure if investing in e-learning business a good move. So for all those people, here is the guide that gives you all the reasons to invest in e-learning. 

  • It Takes Less Time

There is no hidden fact that learners learn at a faster pace online than in the classroom. Here we are referring to massive time savings. It supports self-paced learning and the best part is that learners can choose the most suitable time to learn for them. Also, the time of commuting from the learner’s place to the classroom gets saved. As a result, the demand for e-learning education has been increasing at a great rate. This indeed gives you a valid reason to invest in the e-learning platform. 

  • Combine Various Learning Method

E-learning allows educational institutions to cater to the different learning styles of learners. While some learners prefer visual learning, others prefer a more reliable and realistic approach, instead. Thus, institutions can create content that suits the best to different learning styles through a blended learning approach.

  • Retention Rates Are Higher With E-learning

There is a fact that many offline courses or institutions struggle to retain students throughout the process of their course. Whereas, studies have shown that this is unlikely the case with digital learning. If you choose to invest in an e-learning platform, the student retention rate will increase from 25% to 60%. 

  • Learning is Wide and Extensive

For a fact, in online learning, learners learn five times more material than in offline learning. That’s because e-learning gives students more control over their own learning capabilities. Besides, an e-learning platform includes a wide range of courses, educational materials, or knowledge in extensive areas for students or learners.

  • It’s a Greener Option

E-learning or online-learning is indeed an effective way of gaining knowledge for education. But, it is not only beneficial for learners but the environment as well. Where the task of printing books takes a heavy toll on the environment, e-learning is completely safe and a greener option. It is found that that e-learning equates to an average of 90% less energy. Also, 85% fewer CO2 emissions per learner, If compared to the traditional mean of learning. These stats indeed make e-learning platforms a more effective method of gaining education overall. Surely, this point is worth considering while making a decision on whether or not to invest in an e-learning platform.

Well, with these reasons, you must have got an idea by now that is it safe to invest in e-learning platform or not. It is indeed safe and a great move to take your education business to new heights. Surely, you want that too, right? If so, then AppKineticsllc is here to help you make that happen. Being a leading web agency, we carry a sound experience in developing e-learning portals for clients. You can count us to get an interactive and appealing e-learning portal. 

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