Real Estate App Development – Grow Your Business with an app

Real Estate App Development – Grow Your Business with an app

Real estate has become a booming business industry nowadays. Real Estate App Development is a one-stop mobile app for buyers, sellers, and renters to purchase, sell, and rent homes. It is a property search application to provide immediate information about real estate property. According to market research, 95% of the real estate firms have their websites and app with property listings. Statistics say that 90% of people search for homes, offices, and warehouses online. And, 1 out of 5 property searches is done through smart devices.

Benefits of Introducing a Real Estate App Development into a Business

  • Real estate mobile applications help to achieve resolute your potential customers by offering them around the clock flexibility to contact you, even on the go, without missing any important deal.
  • The app provides instant and easy searches bu the integration of filters and offers enhanced customer experience.
  • Integrating mobile with real estate business enable realtors to see the pay off in dividends.
  • Real Estate apps help you to maintain a constant connection with your customer. You can keep them updated with the newest property listings and the other relevant information they should know.
  • An App reduces the paperwork of signing agreements, blueprints, verify loan papers, and transact huge amounts. Clients can easily perform these tasks through real estate app development.
  • The main goal of any business is to reach a wide range of potential customers and expand all over the world. Many business owners consider that integration of a real estate app development can create a unique business identity. They believe that a brand with strong goodwill attracts more customers.
  • A Real Estate App helps you reduce labor costs. Where businessmen hire other people for an activity like listing properties, inquiries, billing, and many more. Development of a real estate app and integrating it into your business will save the costs and you can solely perform all the tasks without any trouble.

User Panel and its Features

  • Register/Login: This feature allows users to register with the mobile app using the email address and by providing other necessary details. Another option is that the users can also log in directly through their social media accounts.
  • Profile Verification by Admin: The profile is validated by the admin to preserve the security of the app for its users and to avoid scams. The verification process is done by verifying certain documents that are uploaded by the user.
  • Search: This part performs a detailed search by applying different filters to find the best results that meet their requirements.
  • Profile: The users can view and edit their profiles according to their requirements.
  • Property Information: This feature facilitates the users to get detailed and specific property information like the description of the property, built-up area, carpet area, status, pricing, and 3D view, and many more.
  • Agent Information: Users can get information and contact details of an agent like their email and contact number to talk. Also, the users can enquire about the desired property that the agents have listed for sale.
  • Maps: It allows the users to search for the exact location of the property and get the best directions to reach them from their current location.
  • Currency Converter: This feature enables the users to view the estate price in their currency according to their country.
  • Support: This feature provides instant support over the phone or chats to resolve any queries and issues of the users.

Agent Panel and its Features

  • Listings Management: This feature enables all the individual real estate agents to manage the property listings and modify them, post new properties for sale, and remove a property when the deal is settled. It also allows the agent to list a particular property on rent or for sale by posting detailed property information.
  • Inquiries: This feature eases the agent to receive and accept queries from an interested buyer on properties from the listing.
  • Notification: Get real-time notification when a buyer shows interest in a property posted in their listings.
  • Brokerage Fee Calculation: This feature calculates the brokerage fees for a property deal depending on factors like property type, location, area, and the common real estate rates.
  • Chat: This enables sellers and buyers to connect via an inbuilt text messaging feature, to keep the buyers updated about the progress of the deal.
  • Earnings: The agents can keep track of their earnings made from finalized deals.
  • Subscribe Ad Packages: The agents can also subscribe and manage ad packages for property promotion for sale to increase the visibility of property in buyer search.

Admin Panel and its Features

  • Dashboard: It has an easy-to-use centralized management panel to monitor different services on-the-go. This feature also allows the admin to manage the records and view the overall statistics of the user applications.
  • Properties: This feature manages all the information regarding the features like type, area, address, category, pricing, and status.
  • Profiles Manager: The admin can manage all the users like the sellers, buyers, and agents in this section.
  • Customer support manager: This feature allows the admin to give the users with trustworthy and reliable support, answer all their queries, and make them feel comfortable while using your app.
  • Earnings Manager: Track and manage the earnings made from property deals, subscription packages, and other revenue sources.
  • Subscriptions Packages Management: The admin manages all the subscription packages for users and agents. The admin can also add new packages or delete them from the list.
  • Marketing: This feature enables the admin to manage the advertisements and promotions over the website to enhance sales as well as inform the users about trending offers, deals & discounts.
  • Push Notifications: This feature allows the admin to receive notifications regarding all the ongoing activities in the user app and the agent app.

Cost of A Real Estate App Development

The cost of developing a real estate mobile application plays a major role. The cost of developing a mobile real-estate app depends on different factors like it’s measurement, complexity, the features to be added, the hours spent by the real-estate app developer, time spent in the app development, or the location of the developer plays a vital role in deciding the cost.

The factors in which the cost of development depends are-

  1. Platforms on which you want the applications to be developed ( iOS, Android) and Technology stack
  2. Features set
  3. API Integrations
  4. Access to device features like Camera, voice or media
  5. Customization Level
  6. Design, and many more depending on how large you want your customer base to be.
Why choose Appkineticsllc as your real estate app developer?

Choosing Phontinent Technologies for your real estate app development will benefit you with the below-mentioned points:

  • Customer-centric work approach
  • Proficiency to give an on-time work delivery
  • Domain expertise to offer the most advanced mobility solutions for your real estate app development
  • Consistent After Sales Services and Support
  • Adoption of flexible plans for app development to offer cost-effective services
  • Assurance of the best quality, privacy and security, and adequate assistance
  • Featured as the best in offering comprehensive mobile app development services
  • Strength of the latest infrastructure and skilled workforce to manage the complex project efficiently

Real estate has long been a profitable business market, and now with the evolution of smartphones, it has become even more noticeable. Maximum people use real estate app development to find, buy, and sell properties online. This trend of online property searching is an all-time high and competitive in the real estate business. Now, You have to step up if you want to stay ahead of this game. To make your real estate mobile app stand out from the overly-crowded app stores, experience with our strategies, and get the best solution. As many noticed the advancement of the real estate industry where the internet or web is recognized to be the best tool to expand their real estate business all over the world.

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