How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like Castbox?

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like Castbox?

About Castbox

Founded in 2016, Castbox is one of the famous Radio & Podcast & Audiobook News & Magazines apps with over 95million volumes of content available on the platform. They developed an application for android, iOS, Amazon and Android Auto. The Cashbox came up with a simple idea to implement and convert millions of content in an audio content form to deliver for users. At current, they hold 20 million users and become one of the famous apps for content lovers. Their main intention is to provide a content podcast for users at any time, and anywhere.

The company implemented advanced technologies within the app such as Artificial Intelligence and automated transcribing and an indexing tool to empower audio search. The application is holding 95 million episodes in their library and a complete set of tools developed for discovery. To develop a mobile app like castbox it needs some research and the mobile app development companies must think out of the box to implement such a great technology like AI and Automated tools within it.

So How Much does it cost to develop a mobile app like Castbox?

Features implemented

User SubscriptionMultiple languagesAutomated tools for
Profile CreationExplore new and trending podcastsAn indexing tool for empowering Search
Downloads of podcasts and Audio booksTracking subscriptionsPodcast Intelligence
Advanced Search FilterCloud syncing

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Factors that Determine the Cost of app development like Castbox.

  • mobile app development companies cannot set the exact cost for an app like Castbox from the origin to promote because it depends on advanced features and technologies implemented on it. The mobile app development process is a time taken and an innovative process, so it charges as per challenges involved in it.
  • As per today standard scale, paying for designer ranges from $25-$45 to deal with the development process for such kind of apps like Castbox. The development cost of the app like Castbox includes the paying compensation for UI/UX designers and testing tools and the team of quality experts.
  • As per report and study the wages and expenses depends on the location of mobile app development companies, such as US-based companies charges average $225/hour whereas as in India charges $20 to $120/hour, the developer’s companies get the tools and employee expenses less than US-based companies.
  • The cost of app development like a castbox depends on innovations and advanced features, functions implemented in it. So to turn your business app profitable it needs to develop with creative pieces, so charges vary based on unique features.

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