How Much Does an App like Snapchat Cost?

How Much Does an App like Snapchat Cost?

Say thanks to technology. 

You may be thinking, why I said?

It is because of the advancement in online communication. 

The communication apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Imo, and many more have become an integral part of human life.

In the country, we have a lot of chat apps handy for everyone. These app ideas are forcing many business people and enterprises to clone the apps by adding new features to it.

If you are planning to make an app something like Snapchat, you can try. There are so many mobile app development companies, which are ready to do Snapchat clone.

Innovations always encouraged by others, because they are looking for apps which make their work easier, simpler, and faster.

Before you create a Snapchat app clone, you need to learn everything related to that app related to inside and outside.

Here are the few details about the cost, time, and functionalities to build an app similar to Snapchat.

Snapchat is a popular video messaging app, which allows users to take photos, record videos, add text, and drawings to them and send that to their friends and relatives. The uniqueness of Snapchat app is users can fix a time limit for how long recipients can view their snaps (messages). Snapchat is available for iOS and Android users. First released in 2011, Snapchat hit around 7 billion daily video views as of January 2016. Today, the company value is between $10 & $20 billion, which makes it world’s one of the most successful apps. Snapchat has inspired many entrepreneurs to build successful app of its kind, which has raised the app development cost.

Appkineticsllc a mobile app development company in USA, has helped creative minds to develop Snapchat like app with advanced features.

Key Features of Snapchat App:

Users can take photos, record videos, and alter it with texts and drawings and send instantly


Users can set the time for how long recipients can view their Snaps or messages and once the set time limit is reached, the Snap gets self-destructed


Before the message getting self-destructed, the recipient can download the image or video


The self-destructed images are not saved, even in the app server


Snapchat logo button, which allow users to find friends


One can add a story to the image taken or video recorded

How much does it cost to develop Snapchat like app?

App Platform (Android, iOS (iPhone) etc.):

Snapchat like app development cost for iPhone differs from Android platform, but not much difference.

Snapchat is available in every platform. It is your choice which you want to go.

If you are a Startup with the minimal budget better to go with the one platform in the initial stages, later on, you can shift to multiple platforms.

App Design:

Attractive and non-complex design plays a crucial role in the success of an app like Snapchat. The price of Snapchat will depend on requirements. The right plan will cost more but worthy.

Every part of your app like UI/UX design, Wireframes, App builders will take time to design based on your choice of requirements.

If you need a more complex design, you need to invest more money. It is vice versa.

App size:

If you want to keep all the features that Snapchat has, it may be a burden for you in the first step. So you are recommended to concentrate only on the core features in version 1 of the app. It can help you to bring out quality at an affordable cost.

Team size:

The cost of your mobile app development will mainly depend on the team you choose for the development process. It also depends on the number of people involved in a single project.  1. Manager 2.Two Developers 3.Designer 4.QA Engineer.

How much FuGenX costs to develop Snapchat like app?

Generally Snapchat like app development costs between $4,000 to $12,500. 

To get an instant quote for Snapchat like app, Please feel free to reach us at Appkineticsllc 👉 Contact Now:☎️ +1(845)790 -1489

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