How Apps Like Cleanly Ease Out On-Demand Laundry App Development?

How Apps Like Cleanly Ease Out On-Demand Laundry App Development?

Everyone is mature until they see limping puppies, bubble wraps, pits filled with mud-water, or guns filled with watercolors. However, most of us do not feel the same thing when we stand in front of a huge pile of clothes or dishes. This site never brings a feeling of happiness to anyone’s mind. However, to save everyone back from the nightmare, the mobile app developers have developed a few laundry apps like Cleanly that help its users by doing their laundry. Tech insiders have stated that Cleanly handles versatile laundry needs by just the click of a button. It can be regarded as the Uber for laundry. The Wall Street Journal has commented that “cleaning a shirt is as easy as downloading a song.” 

According to statistical reports, in the USA, the dry cleaning services and retail market by the year 2025 would amount to nearly 5.2 billion dollars. 

What is Cleanly? 

The app developers have built an on-demand laundry application called Cleanly for those people who cannot do their own laundry. These people can either be working people who do not get the time or people who do not know or have any interest in doing their own laundry. Users just need to schedule a pick-up service for their dirty clothes and get back their clothes washed, fresh, and folded neatly after twenty-four hours. 

How does Cleanly and other laundry apps work? 

First, the user needs to download the Cleanly application on their phone. Then they have to create an account on the app and provide their details like name, address, custom cleaning preferences, and likewise. 

The next step is to schedule a pick-up service for the unwashed clothes. A Cleanly valet will come by along with laundry bags to collect the clothes. Another valet will deliver the clothes to the customer’s doorstep. 

Building Laundry App

It has become a necessity for a mobile app development company to have the bandwidth in their operations to develop on-demand laundry service applications like Cleanly. Cleanly, which has eased out on-demand laundry mobile app development by dividing the app into four parts. They are 

  • 1. A customer application
  • 2. A delivery application
  • 3. A laundry application
  • 4. An admin panel

Features of Laundry Customer Application

The customer application will have all details of the customer that includes email ID, phone number, address, name, and more. Some of its features include

  • 1. Sign-in and Sign-up.
  • 2. Select the service type and add details such as detergent preferences, kind of clothes, material, and more. 
  • 3. Schedule pick-up as well as drop-off.
  • 4. Calculator to evaluate the cost.
  • 5. Multiple payment options.
  • 6. Track orders.
  • 7. Get notifications.
  • 8. Rate and Review Services.
  • 9. View Order History.

Features of Laundry Delivery App

Right after a user makes an order, it will reach the delivery app.

  • 1. The employees get details about the orders such as pick-up and drop-off timings. 
  • 2. The confirmation of the order is done.
  • 3. Locations are added on the maps to create a convenient route for delivery as well as pick-up. 
  • 4. Tracking is set up and the order status is changed during the time of dispatching. 

Features of the Laundry App 

This includes details about an order such as the order number, washing instructions, details about detergents, and type of service. When the order is complete, the delivery app takes further control. 

  • 1. Delivers dry cleaning and laundry to the doorstep.
  • 2. Snap pictures to highlight particular stains that need special attention.
  • 3. Then the pick-up service is scheduled. 
  • 4. A valet from Cleanly will return the clothes after 24  hours. 

Features of Admin Panel

  • 1. All information about the client reaches the admin. 
  • 2. History of order.
  • 3. Analytics and statistics.
  • 4. Dashboard with calendar and maps. 


Cleanly and other laundry on-demand apps keep track of all stages that the clothes go through via SMS notifications. Users can track the location of the driver with the help of a real-time GPS map. Top-rated laundry apps allow their users to pre-decide the washing as well as drying preferences directly through the app. Cleanly caters to color preferences, fabric, and temperature. 

In addition to that, the users do not even have to carry cash with them as Cleanly offers a wide range of cashless payment modes. Apps like these also offer their users free trials for at least a month that includes dry cleaning, rush wash, wash & fold laundry, laundered as well as pressed shirts, and hang dry items. 

As time is the main thing when it comes to laundry, that is why on-demand apps like laundry apps try to make most out of the time through adequate planning and prioritizing. The laundry mobile application development company is now trying to ease laundry app development. They are doing this by developing an on-demand app that helps in making the time-consuming and hectic task of laundry easy and effortless. From picking up the clothes according to the user’s schedule to bringing the clothes back folded and spotless, laundry apps are now highly recommended across the world largely by the working people community. 

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