Advanced Features that make an E-commerce App Successful!

Advanced Features that make an E-commerce App Successful!

If you are living with the updated world, you must be aware of the fact that E-commerce apps are becoming more and more like a lifestyle preference to people. The sole reason behind this is that the people find it much easier to shop online than go to the online stores where looking at varieties is much more than the offline brick and mortar stores. However,if people do visit a offline store, they look up on the internet or e-commerce app to compare prices and look for reviews. So, when someone say that e-commerce apps are everywhere and has become a crucial part of life, it is undoubtedly true!

According to a report released by the e-commerce stats, it is predicted that by the year 2021, mobile commerce sales are going to result for 54% of the total e-commerce sales. Additionally, there is a big market that is yet to be explored and let me tell you that’s what most businesses are doing. As a result, they are touching heights of success. 

But, according to report, it has come to the knowledge that only 12% of users/ consumers find the shopping on mobile convenient and easy.  So, honestly speaking, there is a massive scope for improvements in this industry. However, These two stats prove that there is a huge market with a lot of potential for e-commerce.

As of now, you can imagine what can be attained with this combo. Moreover, it is considered that going for an m-commerce app is very basic and cliche these days but, the thing that distributes a particular app from the other is its functions and features. Basically, the features of online shopping app should be able to fulfill the best user interface and a smart and amazing experience to the users.

So, in this blog, I will talk about all the necessary features that an e-commerce app should consist, here, we will see what e-commerce mobile app development features you can add in your app to make it successful and rule the business world. 

This is what make your app stand out in the crowd!

As per a report that was launched last year, 62% of mobile users purchased something online using their mobile phones in a duration of 6 months. This says a lot about the future of online shopping as well as mobile phones.

Mobile apps are being used more like a lifestyle rather than a technology solution. And with the eye catching success rate of e-commerce apps, users and consumers are ditching the offline stores or we can say “brick and mortar stores” rapidly. The consumers are relying abruptly on the online stores, no matter be it for product reviews, the feedback of existing consumers or cost comparison. This is why, it is recommended that the features of an e-commerce application should stand out of the crowd. 

For an instance, to be in the game of business world and still score high, your start-up should have all the necessary features of a successful e-commerce mobile app.

The advanced features of an e-commerce app are:


 Do you know, the registration feature of a m-commerce app eventually irritates the users if it’s too hard or too complex to use. This is why, you have to make sure that the registration gives a smooth experience as possible. Plus, everything in the world is becoming easy and simpler and if the registration process is too long or complex.

 And, If it is a difficult procedure then the consumer will eventually lose interest in the application. So, if your application demands too much information or credentials from the users then they will not like it and later they will uninstall it in no time. 


 With about time, it has been recommended  that the push notification is one of the imperative features of m-commerce app that is responsible of driving the sales and business. In this case, the push notifications act as a continuous  reminder for the users and customers. When any new product is released or if the product is on offer or sale. 

It helps in producing increased business since it educates people about different offers and discounts. In a study, it was shown that most of the consumers or users visit the app when a push notification is received by the users on their devices. This has made the push notification feature absolutely important for an e-commerce app.

Social Media Integration

 It is of no doubt that Social media is the strongest and biggest tool in the tech world and a massive population is on this platform. So, having social media integrated into your app will help users in a number of ways that will include login, registration and sharing the credentials of products. Honestly, this is another best mobile e-commerce feature. Whereas, the social media integration values are not just limited to this.

 The Users can share several discount and offers codes or advertisements campaigns on their social media. Moreover, they can post any accolades or achievements unlocked on the app with the help of social media integration. Additionally, this will create  brand awareness about the product and this will help you in generating or building more sales or business. 

Reviews and Feedback

 This is one of the most basic and common features of e-commerce app is having a feedback and rating option for the users or consumers. Moreover, sometimes it is mistaken that having ratings and feedback or reporting and responding option is only useful for the consumer and users. It works like what so ever reviews an individual gets on his or her app can be used as a info guide to make improvements the application. You need to Keep in check that the app is for the users or consumers satisfaction and use and it should be built and developed in as good manner as possible.

However, there is another option to be discussed ie. the rating option that is usually denoted with five/ten stars or from good to bad ratio. This is basically a publicly viewed rating option that is great for your application. For instance, the good ratings are seen as a way of recommendation that eventually helps in increasing the number of users. And soon, the download number of the app increases. 

Great User Experience

 Mobile apps are everywhere and if we talk about e-commerce app, the industry is really wide. There is no shortage of amazing apps in the market and this is the core reason why no user will give a thought twice before leaving the app if it doesn’t fulfill their requirement. This fact completely states the use of great graphic designing and UI/UX designing for your app and user retention.

 Eventually, when the users surf on your app they need to figure out how they can improve the whole user experience in a unique and better way so that it becomes amazing than the rest of similar apps. Nevertheless, if anyone will spend  their time and money on your app they should actually find the app worth their time and money. 

The final thoughts!

There are various features that should be loaded to an app, if you are looking for great success. Above, you will find some of the great features of an e-commerce app that one can bring to use. Moreover, if you are willing to have an e-commerce app developed, we can help you.

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