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Mobile-Friendly vs Mobile-Responsive

Mobile-Friendly vs Mobile-Responsive According to global market share data, mobile browsing now surpasses desktop browsing as the major form of “being online.” In fact, when including tablets under the mobile device category, this tips the scale to about 55% mobile (versus 45% desktop) browsing for all web traffic. What does this mind-boggling statistic have to do with you? Well, if you have a website or plan to create one, you’ll need to make sure that it’s a mobile-responsive website. Notice here, we didn’t say a mobile-friendly website. Mobile-friendly design and mobile-responsive design are two very different things. But what exactly is mobile-friendly design and what is responsive design? To understand the difference, let’s dive into: Mobile-friendly vs mobile-responsive: Which one do you want? What does mobile-responsive entail? Who most needs a mobile-responsive website? How to build a mobile-responsive website Mobile-friendly vs mobile-responsive: Which one do you want? You can probably indicate from the table of contents above that mobile-responsive is going to be the winner here. To make our… Read More »Mobile-Friendly vs Mobile-Responsive