How iot and bots becomes new era of mobile app development?

How iot and bots becomes new era of mobile app development? With the headway in innovation, a ton of new trends have come into existence. Presently, people can connect with machines, and machines can collaborate with different machines. Present days; businesses, news channels, banks, and several other public or private industries are flourishing because of the development of a mobile app, as it gives a great opportunity to businesses to reach their potential users. In other words, it gives a simple and brief approach to exhibit your services or products any place they will be, they can utilize a mobile app as a one-stop destination to get all the information that they need. Mobile apps are to observing one such tech advancements. Bots and IoT technology have become a fundamental mobile application. They are the future of mobile apps, and in this blog, we will discover why. stats for bots and iot that examine why they are the future of… Read More »How iot and bots becomes new era of mobile app development?

Cloud computing trends in 2020

Cloud computing trends in 2020 Cloud computing is just giving computing services, including servers, stockpiling, databases, networking, applications, analytics, and intelligence— on the Internet to convey fast development, adaptable assets, and economies of scale. You generally pay for the cloud services you use, assisting with lessening your working expenses, work your system all the more viably, and increment the size of your framework. Cloud computing is significantly more, particularly this year since it marks the start of another decade. Cloud computing developments are estimated to set new benchmarks right now years to come. Cloud computing bunches are decidedly ready to set new objectives in IT businesses. Cloud is flexible, reliable, efficient, and cost-effective. Cloud computing is important for any application development, and the use of this technology has proven to be effective for custom application creation. Our team at EPixelSoft is developing an innovative approach that uses automation of the network through artificial intelligence and machine learning. These are some… Read More »Cloud computing trends in 2020

What Impact Do IoT-Based Mobile Apps Have In Enhancing User Experience

Powered by superb mobile capabilities, IoT technology has created a landmark in user experience, and business performance. While continuing its performance obtrusively, IoT helps us communicate with the objects surrounding us. The increasing use of IoT in recent years has influenced developers and programmers to create mobile apps with an enhanced user experience by leveraging IoT technology. Most IoT development agencies implant the technology in lots of things, including sensor-enabled bridges, vehicles and wearables. The market analysts have predicted that the rapid growth of the IoT market will cover 64 billion-plus IoT connected devices by the year 2025. Many consumers aren’t aware that their smartphones have a connection to an IoT system. However, as mobile is one of the best channels for notifications and communications, it is a valuable gadget to access IoT. Besides, smartphone apps have turned out to be the best tools to manage IoT gadgets properly. Interestingly, it’s easier to track the IoT app development process by relying on an… Read More »What Impact Do IoT-Based Mobile Apps Have In Enhancing User Experience