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Strategies to Drive More e-Commerce Sales and Boost Loyalty

Strategies to Drive More e-Commerce Sales and Boost Loyalty With regards to building a supportable online business, fruitful entrepreneurs realize that steadfast clients are brilliant. Having clients who just purchase once is a no-no. The genuine gold is having what we call “rehash clients”- – the ones that continue returning over and over. As per the numbers, it costs the business multiple times more to pull in another client than to keep a current one. Be that as it may, here’s the joke, even subsequent to acquiring new clients, the likelihood of offering to them is around 5-20 percent instead of 60-70 percent for existing clients. For everything it has, faithful clients are your business’ most significant resource. Thus, zeroing in your vitality on client maintenance methodologies that could assist work with marking faithfulness and drive deals to the business is non-debatable. We’ve gotten you out by posting six significant systems you could utilize to draw in your clients, help… Read More »Strategies to Drive More e-Commerce Sales and Boost Loyalty

Get an App for Quick Success in E-Commerce!

Get an App for Quick Success in E-Commerce! E-commerce is the only thriving sector, if we look at the global business trends in the past few months, especially after the outbreak of this global pandemic novel Coronavirus. While ecommerce had been there for almost a couple of a decade, the year 2020 has been quite different. Shopping online is no more just a fad or something people do out of curiosity or convenience rather it has become a compulsion and a necessity people can simply not do without. As the fear of stepping out and shopping in public has compelled most of us to trim our shopping lists to only the most important and urgent items, more and more buyers are now turning to the online avenues to fill their wardrobes, kitchen supplies, and other household as well as office items.  As per the e-commerce stats available online on Google, the number of digital buyers should easily cross 2 billion… Read More »Get an App for Quick Success in E-Commerce!

Role of eCommerce During Covid-19

Role of eCommerce During Covid-19 Causing massive devastation to the human lives globally, the COVID-19 pandemic has not spared the business world either. With lockdown imposed around the world and people maintaining a social distance and trying to avoid human interactions in fear of contracting the deadly coronavirus, the business world has been affected badly. Brick and mortar stores like small grocery shops, restaurants and theatres have been closed. However, online stores are in demand. There has been a surge in the usage of eCommerce stores during these harsh times. With the local stores being closed or running out of the basic necessities like sanitizers, people are looking into eCommerce stores as a beacon of hope. Adding to it, the fact that people are avoiding public gatherings and human interaction, the scope of shopping from an eCommerce store is on the high. There has been a spike in the user activity of these online stores, encouraging store owners to take forward their application… Read More »Role of eCommerce During Covid-19

What Ecommerce Sellers Should Know About Third-Party Services

What Ecommerce Sellers Should Know About Third-Party Services Using third-party services has become a common practice among ecommerce sellers everywhere, enabling them to serve customers efficiently and effectively without investing hundreds or thousands of dollars building out solutions. While third-party solutions provide much-needed features, relying on external tools and services and integrating them as a core part of your ecommerce stack is not without risk. Unknown variables can include future feature updates (or lack thereof), maintenance and/or subscription costs and ongoing platform support. And when something goes wrong, it can have a negative impact on your customer experience or business. So, whether you’re incorporating new solutions into your ecommerce site or reevaluating existing ones, taking the time to choose the right third-party services will save you time, money and peace of mind in the long run. The Basics of Third-Party Services Large companies and SMBs alike use third-party services, but they have become especially popular with ecommerce sellers because they… Read More »What Ecommerce Sellers Should Know About Third-Party Services