While static websites are great as landing pages for app-based businesses and smaller businesses which need a place on the web, they are not enough if you are in need of a dynamic solution with interactive content and functionality. Web Apps (or portals, as we also call them) are one of the very best ways to make your presence.

If you already have an app

While mobile apps are great, more and more people are looking for a desktop alternative as well. WhatsApp web is a shining proof that even the most successful apps of the world want or need a desktop replacement. Web Apps with their powerful APIs and our amazing team can act as backend to your app. If you are just starting off and both web and mobile apps are part of your strategy, we can make sure that you get the right start. If you already have a mobile app with the backend and are in need of a frontend, we can get one integrated into your existing backend to fetch and display meaningful data from your app’s backend.

If you don’t have an app

If you don’t have a mobile app or are not looking to invest into one right away, web apps are the way to go. A responsive web app which can be accessed from almost any handheld device is a great first step to get your customers. Most modern web apps can also be converted into mobile apps in shorter periods of time when compared to building them from scratch – just in case you want to change your mind later!

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