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10 Web Development Trends to Follow In 2020

Being a web developer is not an easy task. It requires working in an environment that is constantly evolving. It is important to keep yourself updated with the latest trends.  That is why we thought of compiling the top 10 web development trends that will dominate in 2020 and beyond.  Keep reading to know about all the latest trends in web development in complete detail.  Chatbots – Providing a seamless user experience is the goal of every website owner. Answering the queries of the customers related to the product(s) or service(s) is an integral part of providing the customers with a frictionless buyer’s journey.  However, as a matter of fact, this task becomes mammoth with human intervention. This is when chatbots step in! It helps in addressing the queries of the user, guiding individuals to data and pages, or to help them finish doing a transaction.  According to a recent industry report, as more and more customers become increasingly dependent on chatbots, businesses of all… Read More »10 Web Development Trends to Follow In 2020