Old School SEO v/s Next Generation SEO

Old School SEO v/s Next Generation SEO Have you ever wondered if old and proven methods are better over new and innovative ideas? Well, when it comes to digital marketing upgrades, we all know old becomes obsolete. But let us take a look at these factors that make a difference in the SEO world. Keywords in SEO: The foundation of any well-executed SEO strategy has to do with Keyword research. Earlier, the use of raw keywords or shorter keywords was more popular i.e., only on the product or services. For example, “marketing”, “online”, or a maximum it would be “online marketing”. Today the longer keywords are better ranked and appreciated by search engines. For example, “online marketing in Bangalore”, “digital marketing in Bangalore” The difference has been keyword research focuses on keyword targeting. The new keywords research is conducted with the intention to draw clicks to the website. Keyword variants: For capitalizing on all the keywords relating to the product… Read More »Old School SEO v/s Next Generation SEO

Getting started with keyword research

Getting started with keyword research Our keyword research starts with knowing what the clients business is and how people seek to look up for their company online After a lot of brainstorming and discussion sessions we come up with a funnel strategy that helps target the customer at every stage of their quest. You need to answer these three questions if you have to choose the right keywords What are people searching for It is a fact that the search engines work on the intention of what the user is trying to look for so you should put yourselves in your customer’s shoes and get to know how are people searching for your business How many people are searching for it In order to maximize the conversions on your site, you need to know how many people are searching for the keywords. Is this relevant to your business You can show up for a lot of queries on the search… Read More »Getting started with keyword research

How to choose a keyword for website

How to choose a keyword for website Keyword inquire about is a standout amongst the most imperative, profitable, and exceptional yield exercises in the inquiry showcasing field. Positioning for the correct keywords can represent the moment of truth your site. By examining your market’s keyword request, you cannot just realize which terms and expressions to focus with SEO, yet in addition take in more about your clients all in all. It’s not generally about getting visitor to your site, but rather about getting the correct sort of visitor. The helpfulness of this insight can’t be exaggerated; with keyword look into you can foresee moves popular, react to changing economic situations, and create the items, services, and substance that web searchers are currently chasing. Ever of, there has never been such a low boundary to passage in understanding the inspirations of customer in for all intents and purposes any specialty. What are Keywords? Words and expressions that recognize what individuals are scanning… Read More »How to choose a keyword for website