Best Augmented Reality furniture apps

14 best Augmented Reality furniture apps Do you remember the time, when you were buying a chair, a lamp, a carpet, or anything else? Remember how excited you were about the fortunate purchase, rushing home… and find out that an item did not fit the room? Argh. And there were only two further options: either return the goods and go back to the start, or leave and live with it. Fortunately, with new tech advances and stuff like Augmented Reality these times are gone. Selecting colors for the interior, creating a drawing or a model of a room, staging it with the furniture – all of this is possible thanks to AR furniture apps. 14 best AR furniture apps to check And here we’ve prepared the list of best Augmented Reality furniture apps and AR design apps, all of which are worth trying out. Enjoy.  1. Houzz As one the best app for designing, building, re-modelling and decorating, Houzz immediately… Read More »Best Augmented Reality furniture apps