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All about cryptocurrencies – how cryptocurrencies work?

What is cryptocurrency development – how does it works Centuries back, there existed a system called the barter system. The so-called barter system was a practice of exchanging goods for services and vice Versa since there was no scale to measure the value of each goods and services. It was more like a farmer would exchange his crops for service and services are exchanged for goods and so on. Years have been passed, different forms of currencies were introduced and trades revolved around it. Then came banks and currencies backed by the governments, floor prices were fixed for goods and a new method of trading came into existence. Right now, we are on the verge of a revolution, where cryptocurrencies are going to take the next big leap by replacing the fiat currencies. You may not be very familiar when you hear the term cryptocurrencies. But you will be very aware of the term bitcoin and might be hearing it… Read More »All about cryptocurrencies – how cryptocurrencies work?