Digital Payments in 2020: Remote Ordering and Managing Risk

Digital Payments in 2020: Remote Ordering and Managing Risk 2020 has already been a transformative year in digital payments. As COVID-19 continues to impact the market, we’ve seen a massive shift toward ecommerce. This could be a temporary development, but with many stores closed or under limited capacity, it’s likely that many of these new online consumers will stick around. The rise in contactless payment as a result of the coronavirus has been a key trend. Consumers are adopting options like mobile ordering and in-store pickup at an astonishing rate. Experts already anticipated that click-and-collect would be a $35 billion channel by the end of 2020. Ninety-two percent of consumers in the U.S. said they would “definitely” or “probably” try online ordering or delivery services, while 78% said they would be willing to try in-store pickup. This was before the pandemic, so those figures are certainly higher. Click-and-Collect Benefits Merchants, Consumers We’ve already seen a tipping point in favor of ecommerce. And, with consumers… Read More »Digital Payments in 2020: Remote Ordering and Managing Risk

How iot and bots becomes new era of mobile app development?

How iot and bots becomes new era of mobile app development? With the headway in innovation, a ton of new trends have come into existence. Presently, people can connect with machines, and machines can collaborate with different machines. Present days; businesses, news channels, banks, and several other public or private industries are flourishing because of the development of a mobile app, as it gives a great opportunity to businesses to reach their potential users. In other words, it gives a simple and brief approach to exhibit your services or products any place they will be, they can utilize a mobile app as a one-stop destination to get all the information that they need. Mobile apps are to observing one such tech advancements. Bots and IoT technology have become a fundamental mobile application. They are the future of mobile apps, and in this blog, we will discover why. stats for bots and iot that examine why they are the future of… Read More »How iot and bots becomes new era of mobile app development?


RETAIN YOUR CUSTOMERS THROUGH A MOBILE APPLICATION In 2014 Brazilians bought 104 smartphones per minute. From January to December 54.5 million handsets were sold, representing a 55% growth compared to 2013. The information is from IDC, which also points to a rapid growth in sales of tablets: more than 2.3 million units only in the last half of 2015.In this trend, sales of personal computers the (PCs) fell 26% compared to 2013. This shows how much consumers are more likely to experience for mobile communication, especially via the Internet.Have you ever thought about how your business can benefit from this market movement? The provision of a mobile application for customers can improve customer service, the customer experience and increase interactivity with the brand. With the effective use of mobile applications, you can retain your customers. But how? Here are the four ways explained! 1 – Improve The Brand Experience The apps are the most modern tools for communication of a… Read More »RETAIN YOUR CUSTOMERS THROUGH A MOBILE APPLICATION

Shaping The Future With Digital Transformation Trends In 2020

Shaping The Future With Digital Transformation Trends In 2020 We couldn’t ignore the development in technology which is touching the sky with a skyrocketed speed than ever before. And 2020 is all about digital transformation, software development, chatbots, Iot and so on. Each year new trending technology dominates the tech world with its amazing and high scale functionalities and features. Actually it is not changing each year but each minute. When it comes to mobile apps and web apps, Progressive web apps are ruling the mobile app development market rapidly. The foundation of digital transformation is innovation and technology that allows companies to compete and develop with the latest trends. These days, businesses try their best to satisfy the customer experience (CX) which is the key aspect of any company’s success. Every business needs to modernize with new trending technologies to withstand the market. This will help them for the highest growth and reach the targeted audience. Top Digital Transformation… Read More »Shaping The Future With Digital Transformation Trends In 2020

Why clothing & accessories stores need to have both Android & iOS app?

Why clothing & accessories stores need to have both Android & iOS app? Do you have a fashion & apparel store in the middle of the city? Or you deal in selling fashion accessories for all types of people. You all need to have a large customer base with increasing sales, and maximum profit.But physical clothing & accessories stores might not see the desired success but with the availability of eCommerce websites. You ought to admit the fierce competition brought in by fashion websites selling major parts of products online to customers. Therefore, it’s time for you to embrace current market requirement for clothing & accessories stores to have own mobile application. Check out these facts to have a clear idea about importance of fashion mobile apps Millions of shoppers to prefer to shop for fashion stuff and accessories using a mobile app Around 37% of all clothes & accessories sold via smartphone app Mobile app shopping grows to 6% every year 25%… Read More »Why clothing & accessories stores need to have both Android & iOS app?

Website Conversions To Optimize For On Your Website

Website Conversions To Optimize For On Your Website If you’re looking to grow your business online, it’s time to start out fixing differing kinds of website conversions to help your company succeed. What is a conversion goal? A conversion goal could also be an internet site goal that needs a user to need a specific action, like purchasing a product, submitting a form, or signing up for an email newsletter, on your company’s site. You’ll set multiple kinds of goals for your strategy. The important spare goal setting is that you simply make your goals measurable. If you can’t measure how your campaign’s performing, you won’t know if it’s driving results or must change. When you choose the simplest sorts of website conversions for your business, you’ll recover results from your site. When you create conversion goals, you’ve got multiple options. Let’s take a look at seven kinds of website conversion goals you’ll set for your business: Purchase The most common sorts… Read More »Website Conversions To Optimize For On Your Website

Chatbots Are Altering UX/UI

Chatbots Are Altering UX/UI Mobile apps have been ruling the world for many years. Their army is so numerous, that you barely find the one you actually need. Still, the power of mobile applications remains very strong and it secures them to be significant players in the IT market. But here comes another troop that is going to show its powerfulness – the chatbots. They are so trustworthy, that you can chat or talk to them as to a close friend. Are you ready to have a personal conversation with a machine? “Over time bots should be usable in the offline world”, – Ted Livingston, Kik’s CEO. he main difference between a chatbot and a mobile app is its oversimplified user interface. And this is the reason, why the bots are most likely to replace the applications in the nearest future. Let’s make a short excursion to the history of user interfaces. There are three main points of the evolution process. The… Read More »Chatbots Are Altering UX/UI

Best Augmented Reality furniture apps

14 best Augmented Reality furniture apps Do you remember the time, when you were buying a chair, a lamp, a carpet, or anything else? Remember how excited you were about the fortunate purchase, rushing home… and find out that an item did not fit the room? Argh. And there were only two further options: either return the goods and go back to the start, or leave and live with it. Fortunately, with new tech advances and stuff like Augmented Reality these times are gone. Selecting colors for the interior, creating a drawing or a model of a room, staging it with the furniture – all of this is possible thanks to AR furniture apps. 14 best AR furniture apps to check And here we’ve prepared the list of best Augmented Reality furniture apps and AR design apps, all of which are worth trying out. Enjoy.  1. Houzz As one the best app for designing, building, re-modelling and decorating, Houzz immediately… Read More »Best Augmented Reality furniture apps

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like Castbox?

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like Castbox? About Castbox Founded in 2016, Castbox is one of the famous Radio & Podcast & Audiobook News & Magazines apps with over 95million volumes of content available on the platform. They developed an application for android, iOS, Amazon and Android Auto. The Cashbox came up with a simple idea to implement and convert millions of content in an audio content form to deliver for users. At current, they hold 20 million users and become one of the famous apps for content lovers. Their main intention is to provide a content podcast for users at any time, and anywhere. The company implemented advanced technologies within the app such as Artificial Intelligence and automated transcribing and an indexing tool to empower audio search. The application is holding 95 million episodes in their library and a complete set of tools developed for discovery. To develop a mobile app like castbox it… Read More »How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like Castbox?

Reasons to Invest in an E-learning Platform

Reasons to Invest in an E-learning Platform Education and learning are two never-ending processes. Whether it’s present or future, people are never going to stop learning. The only thing that will change is the mode of learning. If we travel a decade back, the only mode gaining education was books. Now today we have got the easiest and most convenient way of gaining knowledge – ‘E-learning’. All thanks to the advanced technology! As they say, there are two aspects of every coin; there are people who believe that e-learning is the future of education, but at the same time, there are also business owners of different educational institutions who are not sure if investing in e-learning business a good move. So for all those people, here is the guide that gives you all the reasons to invest in e-learning.  It Takes Less Time There is no hidden fact that learners learn at a faster pace online than in the classroom.… Read More »Reasons to Invest in an E-learning Platform