Shaping The Future With Digital Transformation Trends In 2020

Shaping The Future With Digital Transformation Trends In 2020

We couldn’t ignore the development in technology which is touching the sky with a skyrocketed speed than ever before. And 2020 is all about digital transformation, software development, chatbots, Iot and so on. Each year new trending technology dominates the tech world with its amazing and high scale functionalities and features. Actually it is not changing each year but each minute. When it comes to mobile apps and web apps, Progressive web apps are ruling the mobile app development market rapidly. The foundation of digital transformation is innovation and technology that allows companies to compete and develop with the latest trends. These days, businesses try their best to satisfy the customer experience (CX) which is the key aspect of any company’s success. Every business needs to modernize with new trending technologies to withstand the market. This will help them for the highest growth and reach the targeted audience.

Top Digital Transformation Trends In 2020-

1. 5G Adoption-

5G is striking to your mobile screens. Surely it will change every mobile application development strategy in the upcoming years. Just imagine that, you are accessing the most advanced internet speed mobile phone. You will be gruntled with zero lags and less loading time. It will change the view and use towards AR/VR and gaming zone.

  • 5G connections are not only restricted to wireless technologies but are across the corner
  • 5G technology will take over 40% of the world till 2024
  • It manages 25% of all mobile data traffic
  • There can be nearly 5 billion 5G mobile subscriptions till 2024

Nearly 4 billion IoT connections are awaiting in the upcoming years and hence 5G will be an effective revolution. 

Impact of 5G Network-

  1. It will decrease the latency to 1 ms.
  2. Connection density- Allow more efficient signaling for IoT connectivity
  3. Traffic capacity- Driving network hyper-densification with more small cells everywhere
  4. Experienced throughput- Bringing more uniform multi gbps peak rates
  5. Network efficiency- Optimizing network energy consumption with more efficient processing

2. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning –

The arrival of 5G is the largest benefit for the AI and ML technologies. It offers more impact on the mobility domain by providing the best analytics of complex, sophisticated, and inter-related data. It will offer improved customer services with AI and ML technology. 

These days businesses are putting resources in AI-based solutions to improve and customize customer services by reducing human error, and increasing productivity. The analysis showed that 95% growth in AI adoption by 2020 is mainly based on machine learning applications, automated operations, and chatbots. In the retail industry, AI is used for customized offers and promotions. Nearly 53% of retailers track the purchasing behavior of their customers to offer customized offers and promotions. AI and ML are emerging as the best opportunity for companies to optimize various business processes with the use of data. Hence the processes become faster and more optimized with the personalized customer experience.

Siri is an implementation of AI and is still imperfect to convert voice to text message. Projects like Microsoft Conversational AI are working to build platforms that can follow complex conversations and capture the shade of emotions. Also,  chipsets and SOCs are developed for intelligent devices that are proficient at isolating human voices from noisy backgrounds and accurately processing language in real-time.  

AI Future trends-

  • Integrate AI with IoT
  • Smart camera with subject recognition feature
  • Voice and language translations
  • AI-powered Face Unlock system
  • User behaviour predictions
  • High app authentication for cybersecurity
  • Adaptive Battery for more battery life

3. Multi-Cloud Computing-

Single cloud platform can’t meet all the workload of your enterprise requirements. It has some challenges like complexity and cost of ownership but still nearly 84% companies having more than 1000 employees adopt multi-cloud strategy. The research analyses the growth of 65% for companies that manage their environment using containerized applications. A container is a standard unit of software that packages the code and all its dependencies to rapidly and reliably run the applications from one processing environment to another. 

4. Robotic Process Automation-

It is the implementation of AI that companies can implement to automate the processes to grow. And is getting popularity to complete the repetitive tasks in industry and will continue to grow because RPA can revolutionize enterprises disregarding their size and business model. Since the general purpose of a business is to generate revenue, RPA can help in quote-to-money via robotizing sales operations, in this manner executing transactions quicker as well as with a higher level of accuracy.

The whole series of sales-oriented operational activities can be taken over by RPA, resulting in higher customer satisfaction. RPA also truly shines in the field of data management. Considering the sheer volume of data out there, it’s a huge advantage to have RPA to collect, integrate, analyze, and process the torrents of data created in the present business world. You can also know the need of RPA at- Why Your Business Need RPA?

5. IoT Development-

Just imagine that, you can lock your house anytime and from anywhere in case of forgetting to lock the house. And this will be possible due to IoT. It is not only a technology but also an IT revolution for all of us. Nearly 30.73 billion devices will be connected to the IoT till 2022. Google to acquire wearable company Fitbit for $2.1 billion is a sign that the company is moving fast to use IoT technology. 

IoT Future Trends-

  • Smart homes and cities
  • Self-driving cars
  • AI-powered IoT devices
  • IoT in healthcare

6. Self Driving Cars-

Tesla, google and organizations are seeking to make a driverless car. Due to the emerging new technologies like edge computing and 5G, we will surely get smart cars and smart cities. You can conclude this concept as the heart of digital transformation trends in 2020. Also IT industry is changing rapidly and just a couple of years later, today’s innovative product will become out of date.

7. Blockchain-

Blockchain Technology

The Blockchain provides complete security to all sensitive data related to transactions, data exchanges and documents. It is one of the best solution for cybersecurity. Blockchain technology has a large impact on mobile app development too. The concept of distributed ledger is also beneficial for government authorities that need to manage a large amount of data. Now, each agency has a separate database and hence they have to constantly require information about residents from each other. The implementation of blockchain technologies for data management will improve the functioning of such agencies. You can also know- How To Choose Blockchain Platform For Business Growth?

Future Applications

  • Blockchain in Anti-piracy
  • Secure public elections
  • Transparent betting
  • Swarm Robotics
  • Asset Tokenization
  • Blockchain as service (BaaS)

8. Big Data Analytics-

How can big data remain apart from digital transformation trends in 2020. Analytics provides a great advantage for businesses. It has been analyzed that companies that aren’t investing heavily in analytics till 2020 will not be in business in 2021. The concept of customer journey analytics will grow steadily with the goal to improve enterprise productivity and customer experience. In 2020, real-time speech analytics and customer journey analytics will gain significant popularity.

9. Enhancing business performance with APIs-

API(Application Programming Interface) is a type of application that shows the functionality of other applications through standard procedures. With this, you can use different applications, avoiding redundancies and replications in programming codes. Business support APIs improve productivity and returns giving space to innovation. Organizations that set up a strategy on public and/or private APIs are getting better results. API has advantages like improved user experience, Automation of business processes, Best Digital Employee Experience, Greater personalization for customers; reducing barriers to digital innovation. With this, we can see that investing in APIs is advantageous for the near future. Organizations should support the development of a data-driven culture and use revolutionary technologies like AI and machine learning, multi-cloud environments to accelerate and amplify value co-creation within their ecosystems, working closely with IT to better use the power of application networks. 

10. ACPCs transform the laptop market forever- 

These days we continuously need PC’s to stay connected. In 2020, we can see an evolution of  ACPC with 5G connectivity and built-in LTE that will make all this possible. ACPCs, will enjoy the battery life of a full day and can extend the battery life to some days by making new kinds of laptops.

Final Words-

These are some emerging digital transformation trends in 2020 that you must need to focus on. At Solace, we have skilled professionals to help you through development with these trends. We use AI and ML, IoT, and Multi-cloud concepts to enhance the value of your business. You can hire android developers to develop AI and ML-enabled apps development. Connect with solace and get a free quote for software development with new trends to put a step ahead in this technology world.

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