Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Tips You Need to Know

Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Tips You Need to Know

Any business can build a robust sales pipeline by tapping into the right digital marketing platform and implementing goal-oriented marketing solutions. Strengthen your LinkedIn marketing strategy today and capitalize on the world’s largest professional network!

While much of the focus is on Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn is growing steadily as a business advertising platform. Over the years, LinkedIn has successfully become one of the top social media channels for establishing online connections and accelerating business growth.

By now, almost all businesses use LinkedIn to market their brands, establish industry thought leadership and connect with influencers. Not sure if marketing on LinkedIn is the right strategy for your brand? In this post, we discussed everything you need to know about LinkedIn marketing to determine if it’s the right choice for your company.

Read on and discover all about:

• Marketing on LinkedIn
• The importance of LinkedIn digital marketing
• LinkedIn search engine optimization (SEO) best practices

Get to know the many benefits of marketing on LinkedIn and build your core followers with results-driven LinkedIn digital marketing solutions tailored to your business.

What Is LinkedIn Marketing?
LinkedIn marketing is the process of improving brand awareness and fostering business relationships using LinkedIn. Launched in 2003, LinkedIn is primarily centered around career building, networking and content sharing. Today, it serves as a powerful digital marketing platform for promoting career advancements and making business-to-business (B2B) connections.

LinkedIn hosts a community of nearly 700 million professionals and more than 30 million companies from across the globe. It has several community features that allow businesses to build brand awareness, promote products and services to targeted audience segments and reach out to possible business partners and investors. LinkedIn marketing effectively fills the gaps in personal branding and social networking.

Do you have the right LinkedIn SEO strategy to expand your online community? Marketing on LinkedIn starts by building connections, sharing valuable content and fostering online partnerships. With help from a qualified LinkedIn marketing agency, you can drive website traffic and generate qualified leads.

Unfortunately, many professionals and entrepreneurs underestimate the power of LinkedIn marketing. Don’t make the same mistake. An effective social media marketing strategy is about reaching the right people and executing conversion-centered LinkedIn marketing solutions.

Why Is It Important To Boost Your LinkedIn Business Profile?
LinkedIn marketing solutions are built to support businesses’ targeted marketing efforts. In 2019, LinkedIn ranked first among the most trusted networking platforms in Business Insider Intelligence’s 2019 Digital Trust Report. It also received approximately 30 billion sessions from its members, making it an excellent marketing and lead generation platform.

Aside from providing an avenue for collaboration and sharing best practices, LinkedIn marketing also offers several advantages over other social media marketing channels.

“LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social networking site that offers unique B2B opportunities,” said Jess Chambers, Thrive’s LinkedIn lead generation strategist. “It’s a great place to build brand awareness for your company, generate high-quality leads and gain insights on prospects for developing valuable relationships.”

Marketing on LinkedIn allows businesses and professionals to:

• Create a clear marketing roadmap • Monitor competitors
• Build a brand reputation • Keep track of industry news, trends and updates
• Generate a steady stream of leads and traffic • Post engaging discussions and polls
• Reach out to targeted audience segments • Showcase brand offerings
• Build professional networks • Publish press releases
• Join highly trafficked groups • Source and engage with prospects and top talents
• Increase market visibility • Gather valuable customer insights
• Share valuable content
LinkedIn is unrivaled when it comes to expanding professional networks and uncovering conversion opportunities.

Ready to promote your business on LinkedIn? Refocus your LinkedIn marketing strategy today and grow your network! Anything you can accomplish via face-to-face networking and traditional cold calling practices is made easier and quicker with LinkedIn’s professional networking environment.

LinkedIn Digital Marketing Best Practices
Follow these easy-to-adopt LinkedIn marketing solutions to reach your quota, increase your on-target earnings (OTE) and achieve digital marketing success:

I. Optimize Your LinkedIn Business Profile

After setting up your LinkedIn account, the next step is to amplify the value of your LinkedIn presence. Be sure to:

• Optimize your LinkedIn company page and personal profile
• Choose the right profile picture and banner for your LinkedIn business page
• Write a compelling business description and include relevant keywords
• Customize your headlines
• Fill out all applicable fields (i.e., website URL, business location, contact number, industry, company size, specialties, etc.)
• Build your employees’ profile
• Personalize your LinkedIn page URL
• Update your page images
• Follow topic-based communities
• Explore other LinkedIn features

II. Create Meaningful Marketing Posts

Share useful, informative content and get your brand promoted without spending money on advertisement. Content marketing is an effective Linkedin marketing strategy that drives leads and builds online authority.

Some LinkedIn SEO tips to keep in mind when creating LinkedIn marketing posts:

Utilize valuable analytics
• Develop a social media content calendar
• Determine your target audiences’ peak hours
• Integrate engaging images and videos on your text posts
• Use relevant keywords and hashtags
• Keep track of market trends and news

By simply reading your content, your connections can determine whether it is written by a professional. So take the time to craft compelling content that addresses market concerns. If you don’t have the knowledge and skills to write long-form blog posts and social media content, you can always tap the expertise of a LinkedIn marketing agency.

III. Take Advantage of LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is an online news aggregation feed designed for members to share their content with their target audience. It generates blog posts and other content from businesses and individuals looking to build their LinkedIn profile and expand their online reach.

Unlike LinkedIn posts, which have a 700-character limit for individual members and 1,300-character limit for company posts, LinkedIn articles don’t have limits. Articles posted on LinkedIn Pulse can be accessed from your company profile or through Google search. The Pulse platform makes it easier for online searchers to find your article when they need it.

IV. Leverage LinkedIn Presentations and Videos

Presentations and videos are a smart way to connect with your followers and encourage more meaningful brand interactions. These types of bite-sized content drive about 10x more impressions, shares and engagements. Investing in multimedia content on LinkedIn is an excellent way to expand your audience reach outside of your direct network.

The good thing about presentations and videos is you can use the content that already exists, such as blog posts and conference materials. Below are some of the best practices for:


• Repurpose long-form blog posts published on your website
• Let your team members share their industry expertise
• Ask for explicit permission when featuring third-party content
• Include interesting stats or quotes from industry experts
• Keep your design simple and professional
• Create a compelling title slide
• Focus on one idea per slide
• Use creative visuals


• Optimize your setup
• Avoid a cluttered background
• Capture attention from the start
• Design for sound off
• Add closed captions
• Keep video length under 30 seconds
• Close with a strong call-to-action (CTA)

v. Build Your Career Page

Create a robust LinkedIn Career Page and attract the best talents. Showcasing career opportunities in your LinkedIn business profile humanizes your brand, builds credibility and increases engagement. Remember to:

• Write good job descriptions
• Highlight key responsibilities
• Use visuals and banners that show your distinct company culture traits
• Keep content clear and concise
• Encourage your team members to share their experiences
• Use videos, images and SlideShare decks

VI. Connect with the Right People

“Establishing connections is the best way to succeed on LinkedIn,” Chambers said. Begin your relationship-building by joining industry-specific LinkedIn groups. Doing so provides you with an avenue to start discussions and crowdsource sentiment.

Engaging your employees and business partners is also one way to get more followers on your LinkedIn business page. Your team members are your strongest allies in boosting your page engagement. By encouraging them to promote your brand across their networks, you attract more people interested in what you do. Additionally, every time your team members make a new connection on LinkedIn, the new connections will be prompted to follow your page.

Chambers also recommends that you engage with the content posted on your network. In this way, you connect with more people interested in your niche market.

VII. Collect and Give Recommendations

Reviews reinforce your professional identity and build your brand reputation. According to LinkedIn, business pages with recommendations are 3x more likely to get inquiries through LinkedIn search.

Gather recommendations whenever possible. You may ask your employees, associates and clients to provide endorsements via email or private messages. If your team members and customers have a positive brand experience, it wouldn’t be difficult to ask them to endorse your LinkedIn company page.

VIII. Leverage LinkedIn Advertisements

LinkedIn’s audience has twice the buying power of the average online user. What’s more, its lead conversion rates are 3x higher than other advertising platforms, including Google ads.

LinkedIn has various paid advertising options, such as sponsored updates, text ads and sponsored inmails. These ads allow you to deliver your message to a specific audience segment and direct traffic back to your company page.

A few tips to keep in mind when launching LinkedIn ad campaigns:

• Craft compelling ad copy
• Maximize the character limit
• Avoid industry jargons or vague terms
• Utilize high-performing keywords and relevant hashtags
• Include a powerful CTA
• Place an engaging image
• Utilize audience filters (i.e., location, industry, specialty, etc.)
• Select your target audience
• Set your ad budget
• Perform A/B split tests
• Optimize your ad copy based on analytics results

IX. Maximize LinkedIn’s Network Search

Find and connect with the right prospects using LinkedIn’s network search. To optimize your LinkedIn search, use relevant filters or leverage the Find Nearby feature. When Find Nearby is on, other members within your proximity can discover your page.

There are six primary search filters to narrow your results:

• People
• Jobs
• Posts
• Companies
• Groups
• Schools

Under some of these categories, there are additional filters you can use to help you find exactly what you need. You may also use Boolean search commands, such as NOT, AND, OR, parenthetical and quoted searches, to get more specific LinkedIn search results.

X. Use LinkedIn Page Analytics

Gain a deeper understanding of your connections and boost your LinkedIn SEO using LinkedIn Page Analytics. This feature lets you keep track of your LinkedIn page followers, visitor demographics and other traffic metrics, such as likes, shares, video views, click-through rates (CTRs), comments and mentions.

Knowing this data allows you to understand particular engagement trends, map out your follower growth and ensure you’re getting a good return on your paid ads and content marketing campaigns.

Harness The Power Of LinkedIn Digital Marketing And Transform Your Business
In the midst of changing job markets and economic uncertainties, professionals are turning to LinkedIn SEO to boost their marketing efforts. In return, LinkedIn continues to improve its platform by adding new features and growing its user base.

Evidently, LinkedIn isn’t just for people in executive corporate roles. Even your company can leverage LinkedIn marketing solutions to refine the scope of your social media advertising campaigns. The more active your business is on Linkedin, the higher chances of increasing your brand interaction.

Partner with a trusted LinkedIn marketing agency today and reach more prospects and industry leaders. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency has been in the LinkedIn digital marketing business since 2005. We work closely with our clients to identify unique social-selling opportunities. From account setup to ad campaigns, we leverage our expertise to create brand-thoughtful social media marketing strategies that deliver customer growth.

Contact our digital marketing agency to find out how we can help you create results-oriented LinkedIn SEO solutions.

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