Nothing is perfect. Even if you’ve hired the best team of developers, your mobile will need regular updates. The operating systems evolve, new trends appear in app design or there may be some options that do not appeal to users, etc. To find precisely what updates your application requires, the best solution is to analyze the App Analytics data to track, measure and understand how mobile users interact with applications. There are five key points to remember about it.

Use App Analytics At The Launch Of The Application

The launch of the application is only a step ahead of your mobile development project. The real goal is to attract users, retain and finally generate profits. To achieve this, you need to keep an eye on what is happening in your application and, above all, defining a marketing strategy well before the publication of the application on the blinds. Set clear goals and analyze user behavior on the first day.

Increase The Application’s Conversion Rate

With App Analytics, you can do a detailed tracking of user interactions with your application. For Instance, the order of viewing screens will allow you to understand what path they borrow in the application. You can use this information to improve UX and develop a loyalty campaign for every visitor.

Know Who Is Using The Application

App Analytics gives you access to a wide variety of information about your users: what country are they from? URL or What led them to the application? Have they downloaded the application directly from the store? You can use this data for your marketing campaigns, for example, to customize your offers according to the user profiles.

Know How To Prioritize Platform

What type of smartphone do your mobile users use to connect to your application? This is important because it will allow you to set priorities for your marketing strategy. If you find, for example, that most loyal users of your application have an Android phone, you will then need to give priority to this platform, that is to say, to improve before any other.

Get A Return On Investment Of Your Mobile Application Project

App Analytics is primarily a tool that will help you monetize your application project. Without measuring the performance of your application, you will not know what works and what does not. After having a look at the analytics you might then suggest that unnecessary updates and more expensive ones will not allow you to increase your conversion rate. With App Analytics you will have more visibility into what is happening within the application, so you can anticipate the needs of your users.
Keep in mind that application development never ends. It is a continuous improvement process. You will constantly analyze and optimize the application to hold and retain users.

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