How much will it cost to develop a video conferencing app like Zoom?

How much will it cost to develop a video conferencing app like Zoom?

How much will it cost to develop a video conferencing app like Zoom?

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, all the industries had been shut down for around 2 months across the globe. Some of the industries are opening slowly and trying to cope up with the new norms. The spread of Covid-19 has created a sense of unavoidable fear among the people as they are being confined to be careful at all public places. Due to the epidemic followed by a lockdown in major countries, the majority of IT companies have been forced to embrace work from home. Similar is the situation of many schools and universities who are conducting online classes to continue education. But there are many challenges faced during distant work or education. The major one among them is to have constant and efficient communication between employees or students/teachers. This is the situation where video conferencing apps like Zoom come into rescue.

What is Zoom App?

Zoom Video Communications, Inc. is an American communications technology company centered in San Jose, California. It was founded in 2011 by Eric Yuan, a former Cisco WebEx engineer, and executive. It offers videotelephony and online messaging services via a cloud-based interactive software platform. The app is employed worldwide for teleconferencing, telecommuting, distance education, and also for general social interactions.

How to develop an app like zoom:

If you are thinking, “how to build a video conferencing app”, then it is important to know the type of features involved in them. Zoom has all the necessary features to carry out a smooth online communication process. It is widely used in recent years by many IT companies to conduct their distant meetings irrespective of their strength and size. The participants can easily join the meeting from a mobile app or computer from any part of the globe if they have a good internet connection. The Camera feature could be used or turned off if they don’t want the other participants to see them during the meeting. There is also provision for turning off the microphones so that meeting is not affected by any background disturbances. Some of the major features included in the app are:

Screen sharing:

At any point in the meeting, any participant could share their screen with other persons involved in the meeting. It is very useful when there is a need to present something or during educational classes.


This aids the host of the meeting to schedule at any time depending on the availability of another person. It is very helpful to regulate the crowd in specific meetings while ensuring the efficiency of participants.


This integrated chat feature enables the participants to communicate efficiently with each other during any meeting.


The host of a meeting can generate a poll and ask the other participants to enter their responses and feedbacks regarding any particular topic.


This feature allows us to record a Zoom meeting with just a press of the button. Users can save the recording on their device and share it later via any means.


This feature can be used by the host to mute any participant of the meeting at any time.

Touch Up My Appearance:

This is a feature that has a filter that smoothens out the skin. This feature is similar to social media or third-party filters that can change and edit the appearance. This feature is a driving factor in attracting the vibrant young minds of society into the app.

Virtual Background:

The app also includes a Virtual Background that lets you change the background with an image or video during the meeting. This feature is helpful for people who do not want others to see the ambiance of their house.

Optimal privacy: 

Zoomis taking all the necessary measures to keep the data and all other ongoing meetings safe from all the malware. It is included with end-to-end encryption that provides extra safety for all the participants.

How much will it cost to develop a video conferencing app like Zoom?

Many factors impact the overall cost of the application for any type of app. Along with the above-mentioned features, below are some other factors that have a major influence on the cost of the video conferencing app like Zoom.

Back-end development:

An important aspect of the smooth and safe functioning of a video conferencing app like Zoom is a secure server. Such apps need intricate and advanced research to develop their server to ensure optimal safety of the data.


An effective and user-friendly design is very important for any type of app to reach more individuals and stay in the race for a longer time. Users must not feel any difficulty in navigating through the features of the app. They must be able to use all the features without any hassles and perform all the tasks effectively. The design must be attractive and make the users feel happy while using the app.


The cost of developing an app depends on the platform it is built. Android and iOS are the major mobile app platforms that are used by people. Building an app that adapts to all types of platforms will be beneficial in the long run.

There are many factors to be considered while deciding on the overall budget of any app. It is highly dependent on the type of mobile app development company that you are associated with. A highly reliable and experienced company will decrease your burden by not just involved in the development but also the maintenance post-deployment.

Bottom line:

The upsurge in demand for video conferencing and online meeting apps has climbed sharply after the outbreak of the Covid-19 crisis. This situation will continue to be a new norm while many businesses are seeing this as a golden opportunity to develop an app like Zoom. If you thinking how to build a video conferencing app like Zoom, then associate with reliable and experienced mobile app development company in USA,

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