How Much Does it Cost to Develop webmd health care app

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Healthcare service App like WebMD

bout – Cost of Healthcare Service app like WebMD

How much does an App like WebMD Cost? Well before knowing the cost let us know about Mobile healthcare information service app like WebMD, which has experienced a lot of growth over the past few years. In addition, it is no wonder we now have applications for anything. So how do you know which application is most valuable for your time? Why develop and how to make health care applications, which provide features and acts as a calorie counter app, food calculator app, Doctor Appointment app? Mobile medical applications, drug information app, Magazine Appand application of patients related to health are now conquering the market quickly.

Mobile health, or the so-called mHealth solution, is growing in line with the increasing use of smartphones globally. In addition, the focus of the health care system increasingly shifts to patient centric. There are already various kinds of medical applications for doctors (HCP – health care professionals) and for patients. Tracking personal health, recovery, drug dosages, monitoring, and consulting a doctor is more comfortable with a mobile application.

The medical application market has reached $ 20 billion. In addition, each patient prefers personal care service app to the general ‘one size fits all’, demand increases. To develop a Healthcare service App like WebMD, you must have a valid concept and programming skills. Many companies outsourcing mobile applications make it easier. From WebMD, the health care application that you need to check for symptoms; learn about conditions and drugs; research care and diagnosis; find doctors and specialists in your area; get Rx discounts at your local pharmacy; and set medication reminders.

WebMD landscape is probably the most extensive Drug Interaction Checker medical app that you can get free. Medscape has developed by WebMD, and can be trusted as a very reliable source of medical information. Use Medscape as a guide to medicine and disease or as a medical question and answer app as well. The application database has constantly updated and contains information about nearly 4,700 medical conditions.

Doctor on Demand Apps & pregnancy symptom checker app
In fact, it is almost impossible to make accurate estimations how much certain features may Cost to develop a Healthcare service App like WebMD. Mobile apps for online doctor appointment and/or advice are a substantial piece in mHealth industry nowadays. Many patients have conditions that require constant monitoring and alert. That is why messaging and as well as push notifications have become so vital to a healthcare app. High mobility and having better Internet connection made surgeons search and appointments available in few clicks. Now a days People expect to perform any daily task tapping on their smartphone screen. Even the personal tasksand as well as most intimate, hospitals and Doctors who want to beat and survive the competition on the market have to stay as close to patients as possible.

Advanced Features for Baby App & Magazine App

The WebMD App development cost might increase if anyone wants to have such advanced features after analyzing dozens of health care applications; we have established several important health application features. Whether the health application or doctor’s appointment application, this function is at the core of your own medical application

The Cost to make a Healthcare service App like WebMD depending on feature like Payment systems which must also be part of most health applications because patients have to pay for medical services or insurance in many cases. General hospital admissions, emergency rooms, doctor visits etc. followed by medical bills. In addition, for a pleasant user experience it would be better to add the ability to pay online.

Video Calls is the one of opportunity to communicate with doctors through video calls. As always, we have the choice here to make things from scratch or to utilize the solutions that have been made in developing our health care applications. As an experienced medical mobile application developer, we recommend using existing solutions from companies that deal with these features for a long time.

Payment System is the best for the last! Any business must bring profits, so let us talk about payment systems because payments realized with their help. There are many financial choices now. We have worked with large systems like Braintree, Stripe and a few others. They not only allow transactions, but also statistical data collection and reporting. You can also integrate payment aggregators like Google Pay or Apple Pay into your medical healthcare mobile app.

Notification, do you remember we mentioned the notification? Therefore, it is not a bad idea to remind users about an appointment with a doctor. This is very important in terms of video calls. Push notifications can be sent to the client, for example, 5 or 10 minutes before communication. It is not difficult to apply this push notification feature. Such notifications work well for Medical Android and iOS mobile applications.

The tracking feature is probably the most significant for any mobile health service application. Patients want to see his or her heart rate, blood pressure, and pulse, monitor glucose levels calories, etc. Doctors can track the progress of patient rehabilitation remotely. Many health care applications related to doctor appointments app, so scheduling features are also very important. Similarly, applications for doctors allow them to work with calendars, manage appointments or schedule medication intake. Scheduling can also apply to sleep applications or personal organizer type mobile applications.

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Key Features of medical news app like WebMD

Let us know some features of WebMB offering before knowing the Cost to Build a Healthcare service App like WebMD. After analyzing dozens of health care applications providing facilities like medical news app, we have established several important health application features. Whether the health application or doctor’s appointment app, this function is at the core of your own medical application. WebMD Health is a top provider of health related information services, serving consumers, doctors, entrepreneurs, health care professionals and health plans through public and mobile platforms, health-focused publications and private online portals. More than 92 million unique visitors access the WebMD Health Network every month.

  • Symptom Checker app Choose your symptoms, learn about potential conditions or problems, and treatment and care options.
  • Doctor Directory app Find the closest doctors and specialists based on your current location or search by city, state or post.
  • WebMD Allergy and WebMD Rx We partner with the major pharmaceutical chains to find the lowest prescription drug prices, which often overcomes insurance joint payments. This is surely 100% free to use for anyone. Even registration is not required.
  • Medication Reminders Never ever miss a dose. Well, you will receive a reminder when it is time to take medication. See daily recipe schedules and instructions, plus pill images with dose and time information for each drug.
  • Pregnancy symptom checkerand Baby App Find information that is medically reviewed about the Pregnancy conditions relevant to you and learn more about the causes, treatments, and associated symptoms.
  • Medical news app Get updates on headlines with articles, slideshows and videos that focus on key health topics.
  • Customization and Savings Functions Save your conditions, medicines, doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and healthy life articles for safe, easy access and reference.
  • Drug Interaction Checker app Find and identify potentially dangerous and unsafe combinations of prescription drugs by including two or more drugs in question.

Cost to make a Healthcare service App like WebMD

So how do you create a health application, finally? How much doesit Cost to Create a Medical Healthcare service App like WebMD? What properties should the mobile app have for health services? First, any health care application must focus on the end user. Good medical applications must:

  • Easy to use and navigate (UX)
  • Has a nice interface
  • Easy to install and work properly
  • Synchronize data on various devices
  • Be safe and protect sensitive information

Development of healthcare service applications containing business analysis, UI / UX design, backend, application development, quality assurance. In addition, further maintenance and integration with the ESDM system is optional or depends on the application business concept.

What We Drug Interaction Checker App like WebMD Do for Users

WebMD app for iOS/Android has created an organization that we believe fulfills the promise of health information on the Internet. We provide credible information, a supportive community, and in-depth reference material about health issues that are important to you. We are the source for genuine and timely health information and materials from well-known content providers. WebMD aims to provide and acts as a medical articles app and videos that provide better information to audiences who can improve their lives, they cover topics such as health, fitness, medicine, and supplements.

  • Public health news
  • Create and maintain the latest medical reference content database
  • Medical imagery, graphics, and animation
  • Community
  • Live web events
  • User experience
  • Interactive tool


Finally, the Cost to Build a Healthcare service App like WebMD and design of WebMD Clone app or WebMD Clone Script comes around 250 hours or 6.5 weeks. Equivalent to money, it will be around $45,000 US dollars, but you must remember that it is only the development and design costs, aspects of server and site development (backend and frontend) that we will discuss next time.
Therefore, before cretin the WebMD like app for iOS/Android we must know the development cost of WebMD like app. We must admit that we have taken a little shortcut claiming it is only an estimate when talking about medical applications for smartphones. Fusion Informatics can consider as one of the experienced Healthcare medical app development companies in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi and Gurgaon because we have carried out a similar project. Hire our mHealth app developers today. We have made similar applications, which you can find in our portfolio. Contact at We will design you dream app as per your requirements.

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