How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App and Website like AI-Waseet ?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App and Website like AI-Waseet ?

About Waseet

Al-Waseet is one of the most successful classified website and mobile apps that enable sellers and buyers to easily find their need from sale online. The Waseet app was developed to buy, sell and find anything and running in 12 various countries in the Gulf and MENA regions, is the focal point for online users in the Middle East. With the help of the mobile app, users can buy, rent rooms or plats from preferred locations in Emirates.

Users can sell their used cars and can buy cars and can compare prices that match their needs. Waseet app was developed to buy and sell products like furniture, electronics goods, smartphone, and baby products and can apply for jobs also.

The company came with an advanced model of classified app and websites that contain important sections and categories like electronics goods, real estate, fashion accessories, and children’s products, books, perfumes, cosmetics, video games and many more.

The browser can also browse menus specialized in fashion, fashion, accessories and children’s supplies, as well as perfumes, cosmetics and many more. Users can explore anything related to business products and services, from used cars to broker services everything is available in that app offers a destination to sell and buy.

The app was built with a list of properties that help a lot of users viewing to rent, buy, or even allow any business for sale, depending on the kind of business. The Al-Waseet website also recognizes the lack of job seekers on the Internet from an advanced site that gives them the most high-level job openings available in major corporations so that the record of openings represents a list of all requirements to hunt for a deserted job or advertise the demand for work.

Advantages of Waseet App

  • Users can create a profile with a simple registration forum
  • A job applicant can apply for jobs in UAE locations
  • Anyone can sell or buy their products with advance filter options
  • Users can sell or buy used cars and compare prices based on requirements
  • Users can register with social signups
  • You can instantly purchase things from various retailers
  • Explore filters are available for your influence

How Does Waseet Make Money?

Waseet provides a stage for the customers and retailers to unite and buy and sell old/new stuff and many other services. Multiple classified Mobile apps act as an associate to seller’s goods and made their work. But Waseet has a diversified market design. The best source of income for Waseet is constant Featured Ads, and Sponsored Links.

To develop a classified mobile app like Waseet, business peoples who are looking to develop can focus on advance features and functions that are helpful for the public. Below are some advance features implemented in-app that are helping to navigate through app or websites.

Features of App like Waseet 

User Panel ( Seller and Buyer)

  • Secure Registration
  • OTP Confirmation
  • Profile Creation
  • Product Details
  • Browse Goods by Section
  • Recommendations
  • Real-Time Chat
  • Agent Profile
  • Product rating/review
  • Consumer Support

Admin Panel 

  • Login
  • Dashboard
  • Profile Confirmation
  • Manage Bonuses
  • Cloud Storage Integration
  • CRM Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Push Notifications

Other Advanced Features 

  • Multilingual
  • Geo-location Integration
  • Social Network Integration
  • Certified Sellers

Find an Approach for an App like Waseet

Before developing an app like waseet, we need to find out the idea that creates a unique plan to reach more users. After the idea and needs to perform research, and analysis about an app like Waseet and collect the analytical report of what are challenges with existing apps from users.

We can reach many app ideas by doing certain research and can build a successful app that contains features and functionalities that can reach more users globally. If you need an accurate clone of an actual app, make certain that your app at most limited has some different features or targets a diverse market.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App and Website like Waseet?

When it comes to a classified mobile app development cost and features, many factors decide the cost. The cost of developing a secure mobile app depends on features involved in it if the fact is to be understood. From the idea of an app to the composition techniques you’ll succeed, from the interface to hosting, several factors affect the cost of developing an app. So, this makes it hard to come up with the correct cost of your design.

If you’re planning to build classified applications and websites like Waseet to evaluate your online appearance and you’re questioning to start one to open your sales potential, don’t ignore it’s not a cakewalk. Therefore, understanding the factors that define an app’s appearance is very critical. The development cost of an app like Waseet depends on some of the factors like app platform, technologies applied, time-line, location of the developer’s team, features included and advance features.

Considering the above factors mobile and website app development like waseet costs around $4000 to $15000 in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Mena regions and may vary based on different factors the cost is just an approximate value.

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