Getting started with keyword research

Getting started with keyword research

Our keyword research starts with knowing what the clients business is and how people seek to look up for their company online After a lot of brainstorming and discussion sessions we come up with a funnel strategy that helps target the customer at every stage of their quest.

You need to answer these three questions if you have to choose the right keywords

What are people searching for

It is a fact that the search engines work on the intention of what the user is trying to look for so you should put yourselves in your customer’s shoes and get to know how are people searching for your business

How many people are searching for it

In order to maximize the conversions on your site, you need to know how many people are searching for the keywords.

Is this relevant to your business

You can show up for a lot of queries on the search engine but unless you are going to show up in front of your relevant audience you are not going to have the desired conversion rate.

In what form can build content that can help them

You can help your targeted audience by creating blogs on how to use your products or by creating informational videos about why your product is better than your competitor products, that will help your audience take a more confident and informed decision.

The last tip would be to go for the long term keywords that have medium competition in order to maximize your chances of showing up on the SERP.

Here are some useful sites that can get you started

Google Keyword Planner


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