7 Common Salesforce Integration Mistakes To Avoid

7 Common Salesforce Integration Mistakes To Avoid.

When it comes to streamlining your sales & customer data, the very first approach that tempts business leaders is Salesforce. Salesforce helps enterprises to stay ahead of their competitors and improve their customer experience which in turn to attain maximized business results. Today, many businesses believe in Salesforce CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to transform their business structure and to ensure better productivity ahead.

Achieving faster results with productive growth requisites a smarter system configuration, innovative development, and efficient integration. Prior to integrating Salesforce several things lie to consider and implement just to achieve sustainable business practices. If your Salesforce is not implemented adequately, it may not help you to drive your operational effectiveness.

Here are common Salesforce integration mistakes that most of the companies embrace along with useful ways to avoid them:

Lack of Planning & Analysis

Many businesses adopt Salesforce in a hurry without analyzing and planning their personalized needs which in turn, they lead their businesses toward failure. As a result, they do not get able to leverage and make effective use of it. Sometimes, it becomes a time-consuming ordinary solution that you can roll-out even without Salesforce too.

For every distinct business and industry context, the planning and analysis process may vary. So, determine your business values, core processes, and areas that can be ameliorated, improved, or accelerated. Also, ensure Salesforce consulting from any acclaimed Salesforce development company .

Not Availing A Proper Salesforce Customization

Most of the businesses do not avail customization while integrating Salesforce with their existing system, database, or software. Obviously, every business imbibes a different set of practices, requirements, and business models. Availing Salesforce without proper customization seems like you are restructuring your business with this CRM rather than simplifying it.

Salesforce is a powerful CRM solution that comes with an array of features, extensive functionality, and rich customization opportunities for every scale of enterprise and business context. If you do not customize your Salesforce as per your defined working approach, standard methodology, and quality practices, you may not be able to make a bonzer use of it. So, make sure that you are customizing your Salesforce as per your defined and involved navigation in terms of customer management, process automation, data streamlining, and more.

Not Educating Your Employees

Once you get to learn to operate the Salesforce CRM, it’s easy to use and handle but there may be certain features that could be a challenging deal for your employees. And going ahead with the thought that your employees will be familiar with Salesforce after successful implementation can be a big mistake for your business.

Your sales or customer management team needs space and sufficient time to perceive and make effective use of a newly configured system. Learning things from their own end can be a time-consuming and complicated process for them. Hence, it is vital to arrange proper training to your employees’ post-implementation, so they can grab things in a gradual manner and can handle this CRM in the best possible way.

Improper Data Migration

During Salesforce integration, there is always a necessity of data migration while removing the data duplication and cleaning the unnecessary data from your old system. If you fail in doing so, you may suffer post-integration. If you make a mistake and migrate the incorrect, incomplete, or a portion of data, you may find difficulty after implementation as nothing can be reversed thereafter and your purpose of integrating automated CRM will be aimless.

Data is eternally crucial and when it comes to migrating your data from your existing platform to the newly configured system, it requires adequate care, security, and integrity. So, make sure that there is no duplication and redundant data exists. As nothing can be undone once the implementation is finally performed. Though Salesforce comes with certain powerful tools, that can help to recover your data damage which can be performed by an expert Salesforce consultant you outsource.

Not Hiring A Salesforce Consultant

After a successful Salesforce implementation, certain features and tools can be a challenging deal for your workforce. In such a condition, either they can learn things at their own pace which can be a time-consuming process or else you can kick-start your operational movement with this business-strengthening CRM by outsourcing a Salesforce consultant. Besides, there will be several areas that you need to undertake to eliminate the redundancies and complications from the very first day. Thereby Salesforce could be a complicated deal for your business rather than simplifying the whole.

Having an industry expert consultant at every step of your implementation even after the post-deployment can ensure a proven success for your business. A consultant can perceive your business domain, suggest the best possible solution catered to your business needs, and can bridge the skilling gap which in turn helps your business to smoothly drive customers and ensure more enlarged sales volumes

Failing To Serve Personalized To Your Customers

Since today’s customers are swiftly transforming their changing buying behavior and if you are failing to offer a personalized experience to your customers, you may face your customer diversion. Though Salesforce comes with the functionality and navigation that encourage businesses to serve personalized to their customers as well as support them in a personalized way.

So, perform a proper market evaluation, customer analysis, and customize your CRM accordingly. Salesforce CRM is a powerful platform that can be customized as per your distinct business needs and context. This will help to remain competitive in your targeted geo-locations and ensure customer satisfaction and sustainability which is the ultimate goal of your business.

Not Choosing A Right Salesforce Implementation Partner

Do not outsource Salesforce services in a hurry. Perform adequate research while finalizing the perfect one or else you will end up with a solution which is not a fruitful deal for your business. It will be like another software solution.

Make sure your Salesforce partner must have the caliber to understand your business context and pain areas to work on, and can offer the customized solutions addressing your core business necessities.

Leveraging the powerful capabilities of Salesforce CRM, your chosen agency should be capable of enabling simplification, automation, and innovation in your business. A right partner can help you to streamline your operational processes, effectively drive your sales strategies, innovatively roll-out your customers, and efficiently manage your finance.

Summing Up!

Salesforce is a powerful and business bolstering platform to build customer-driven and sales-driven applications while uplifting the customer experience and raising the brand values. Hence, modern businesses are leveraging a number of Salesforce services encompassing Salesforce consulting, implementation, customization, app development, administration, and more to simplify their customer allied practices and trigger their selling process.

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