10 Web Development Trends to Follow In 2020

Being a web developer is not an easy task. It requires working in an environment that is constantly evolving. It is important to keep yourself updated with the latest trends. 

That is why we thought of compiling the top 10 web development trends that will dominate in 2020 and beyond. 

Keep reading to know about all the latest trends in web development in complete detail. 

  1. Chatbots – Providing a seamless user experience is the goal of every website owner. Answering the queries of the customers related to the product(s) or service(s) is an integral part of providing the customers with a frictionless buyer’s journey. 

However, as a matter of fact, this task becomes mammoth with human intervention. This is when chatbots step in! It helps in addressing the queries of the user, guiding individuals to data and pages, or to help them finish doing a transaction. 

According to a recent industry report, as more and more customers become increasingly dependent on chatbots, businesses of all verticals will be compelled to integrate them on their website. 2020 is expected to witness a massive integration of chatbots on websites. 

2.Voice-Enabled Navigation – According to Google, voice search is expected to take over 50% of the total search volume in 2020. So, it is essential for web developers to build a site having seamless navigation and accessibility by focusing more on voice-enabled browsing technologies. 

3.Progressive Web Apps – A progressive web app is a mobile web page that acts like a native app. According to Gartner Research, progressive web apps (PWA) will replace 50% of all consumer-facing native apps. In 2020 and beyond, the use of PWAs are expected to rise manifolds due to the following reasons – 

  • Reliable – Loads instantly even when connected to a slow network.
  • Fast – Responds quickly to user interactions, even with animations and smooth scrolling. 
  • Engaging – Provides rich user experience. 

4. Responsive Web Design – Responsive web design is now a buzzword these days in the world of web development. According to experienced web developers, responsive web design is one of the most popular web development trends as it helps solve a lot of issues on the website. It makes a site mobile-friendly, improves the overall look and feel of the site across several platforms, and provides a seamless user experience. 

5.Push Notification – Integrating push notifications has been one of the most popular web development trends since 2017. 2020 will be no exception! In fact, studies suggest that the use of push notifications will only surge in this decade.

According to experienced web developers, push notifications help businesses send information to the users regarding sales, new blog posts, or any other information related to the website. Also, it improves engagement, attracts visitors, and improves sales without any additional cost. 

6. Motion UI – Enhancing user experience is absolute necessary. This is the reason why Motion UI is gaining popularity day by day. The most exciting thing about motion UI is that the developers can easily animate the contents of the website, without using JavaScript or JQuery. Experienced web developers believe that integrating Motion UI on a website also improves dwell time and garner sales.

7.Single-Page Websites – A single page website interacts with the user by dynamically rewriting the current page rather than loading all the pages from the server repeatedly. 

This helps avoid user interaction between consecutive pages. Keeping this mind, trusted web development agencies providing web development services are now focusing more on developing single-page websites and static pages. 

Some significant advantages of single-page websites are – 

  • Fast and responsive – Single page websites don’t load the entire application, rather they load only the required content. The best part is that HTML and CSS Scripts are loaded once. Only the data is transmitted back and forth. This reduces the page loading time. 
  • Provides a Linear User Experience – Single page websites provide a simple linear experience to the users. According to a survey, it provides an excellent experience using parallax scrolling. 
  • Easy Caching – A single-page webpage can efficiently cache local data as it sends only one request to a server and then stores all the data it receives. This also improves site loading time. 8.WebAssembly  WebAssembly, also known as WASM, is a small, fast binary format that delivers near-native performance for web applications. Experts believe that WebAssembly was particularly designed to be a compilation target for JavaScript and other web development languages. 

The use of WebAssembly for writing client-side apps for the web and while building high-speed web apps are expected to surge in 2020. 

9.Headless CMS 

Digital transformation has now gathered pace than ever before. A headless CMS has way more benefits on offer than a traditional CMS, and using it is also one of the latest web development trends

This is particularly true for content delivery. The best part is that it can be integrated with multiple platforms through various devices. A recent industry report revealed that businesses are now rapidly shifting to headless CMS from traditional ones as a means to deliver content to the target audience due to their flexibility. 

10.Static Web Hosting 

Netlify and JAMstack are a type of hosting that has gained immense popularity in web development in the last few years. 2020 is not going to be an exception. Netlify provides advanced web hosting features integrated with automation, while JAMstack improves the performance of a website, primarily in terms of speed.

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