10 Most Used API’s a Website Designer and Developer Must Have

10 Most Used API’s a Website Designer and Developer Must Have

There was a point when customer requirements for functionality made software development companies unsustainable. It took the company several months to know how to execute something similar.

Nowadays, with the leading APIs, the barrier to develop the applications is reduced. Using the Application Programming Interface, you can link the website with some application and get its function or data.

Nevertheless, with the increasing popularity of APIs, it is no longer a problem. APIs are a set of tools, procedures, practices that are used for the development of several software applications. The aim of this interface describes how several software components should communicate with each other.

It enhances the user experience on the website and therefore, smoothens the processes, making it accessible for managing the website functioning. Hence, selecting the outstanding Application Programming Interface tool is an essential decision to assist in the designing, development, and testing the APIs.

Considering that, here, in this article, we are giving you the best ten APIs the website designer and developer should have.

Leading APIs that Your Website Must-Have

Google Analytics
These days, tracing the web traffic on the website is a must for Google Analytics. Hence, the main purpose of Google Analytics is not about examining visitor activity, besides, it also:
● Examines the data such as conversion rates on the value calculations and eCommerce website for some time frame.
● Builds and creates different tracking dashboards on the website backend work.
● Analyze and track the sales funnel.

Google Analytics Application Programming Interface offers you better access to the Analytics data. It also assists in changing the requests for accessing the information and reporting required by the website.
Google Maps (Geo-location)

The google maps are generally used Geolocation API from Google. Nevertheless, there are many ways of using the Application Programming Interface to your benefit:
● Form embedded maps look however you like (such as 360-degree pivot, street view enabled, etc.)
● Display route data with real-time traffic vision.
● Provide search forms and fields with pre-populated geo-location data that matches with the real-world locations.


Several leading social media platforms accumulate their own Application Programming Interfaces. Though, if you like to have some, then, Twitter, Facebook, and website are the best and relevant ones. In comparison to Facebook, the twitter contributions for a web developer is something better. With the Twitter APIs, you can integrate the twitter posts and feeds and the share buttons on the website.
The Twitter Application Programming Interfaces can grow the reach by allowing visitors or customers to share the application with personal Twitter followers. After all, the app can tweet the user’s permission, besides, the sharing from the known users can increase and speed up the reach.


If you want to target several users, the integration with Facebook is the sure bet. It is known to everyone that Facebook is the best and popular social media platform. This social media platform has several one billion active users. Therefore, it will not be tough to know the right customers for you.

Choose the Facebook Application Programming Interface for sharing and social login. Facebook provides APIs for the developers to help in the improvement of the marketing efforts on this social media platform itself. It even offers several SDKs and APIs to use rightly on the website.

The dropbox Application Programming Interface is the best place to store the files from the website. Dropbox API lets you save the files simply and easily.

The API lets you handle many difficult and complex tasks such as permitting the website visitors to drop and upload the documents in the Dropbox account. For instance; resume uploading. The Dropbox Application Programming Interface allows you to e-sign the documents by clients or employees.

G Suite Apps

The G Suite apps have different Application Programming Interfaces for everyone. These days, every eCommerce or business website has a contact form. Here, you can leverage the Google Sheets APIs for collecting and organizing the customer information.
This will not only assist you to connect each lead but, also, assist sales reps to overview the customer requirements and be adapted for the call beforehand.


Visitors or users understand the videos more than the text. And, for the website owners, it is always the best idea to upload the files to the server.
Because of the YouTube API, you can include the video players to the website and therefore, customize the playback settings. The Application Programming Interface is used to embed the data from YouTube to the website’s dashboard.
Payment Processors (PayPal and Stripe)
When there are reliable payment gateways, then there is no need to process the payment information manually. These processors have effortlessly connected the platforms to the websites.

The Application programming interface for payment processors likes, PayPal and Stripe are what the developers carry out more than just collecting the payments. It also enables you to handle disputes, refunds, and tracking, etc.


Several ways are there that you want to use to engage the users with the website. It can be seen that most of the users prefer to end in form- contact, eCommerce, or lead generation.

If you are leveraging the MailChimp to promote your email marketing efforts, then it is helpful to connect the API to websites and forms.

You can control the overall email list, and use it to automatically realize the collaborative work of the website and email.


If you have not heard about this before, then Twilio API is an extremely influential tool for those businesses that like to combine AI bots, chat, SMS, voice to websites.

Like; how will you find the websites that are permitting the visitors to schedule the appointments. Great… Right?

After requesting the phone numbers, the Twilio API acknowledges you to combine the interface to send the appointments reminders from the text automatically.

This can be used for the free SaaS trail as well. From here, you can integrate some extra fields, such as Company Size, Business Name, and other essential credentials in the signup form itself. And, when the visitor’s signup for some hours, you can check the Sales Report follow-ups to know how they are liking it.


The businessperson always thrives for success and looks for different ways to get that. And, website creation is one of the known tactics to achieve so. Using the best API for your website lets you gain most out of your business website.

Including the APIs not only please the visitors or customers, even but also let you manage them appropriately.

Here, in this article, we have revealed the most competent APIs. Check them out and know which are required and which are not. Choose the one that matches your website’s functionalities and customer base.

Hopefully, this piece of article is helpful for you. If you have been using any of these APIs, then share your experience with us. Or, if there are some doubts, then, comment below.

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